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Budgeting & Planning

Budgeting and planning solutions help you to streamline and automate processes, improve data quality and visibility, while enhancing your decision-making and performance.

  • Achieve a modern continuous planning process, improve organizational collaboration and alignment, and integrate with existing ERP and EPM systems.
  • Automate manual and siloed planning processes to efficiently deliver critical, comprehensive planning data.
  • Integrate with market-leading ERPs, such as Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, and others.
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Operational Reporting & Analytics

Operational reporting and analytics solutions play a crucial role in supporting informed day-to-day decision-making and optimizing business operations.

  • Improved efficiency across supply chain, manufacturing, customer service, risk management, IT infrastructure, sales and marketing, and more.
  • Connect your data and make sense of it quickly, with built-in ERPSmarts and self-service capabilities for business users of all skill levels.
  • Integrate with market-leading ERP’s such as Oracle, SAP, NetSuite, and Deltek, to generate more value from your data.
Operational Reporting Section

Financial Reporting

Financial reporting solutions help finance professionals access and analyze ERP data more efficiently and accurately to provide strategic guidance to their organization.

  • Understand the current and future state of your organization so you can offer insightful analysis and strategic direction.
  • Save time with automated, streamlined, and flexible financial reporting solutions purpose-built for finance professionals.
  • Easily connect to and make sense of ERP data when you need it to expedite reporting tasks and enable accurate, efficient reporting.
Financial Reporting Section

Close & Consolidation

Close and consolidation solutions help organizations to automate and accelerate the financial close process while ensuring accuracy, compliance, and transparency.

  • Reduce your time to close and report financial results, improve data quality and visibility, and enhance your decision-making and performance.
  • Handle simple or complex consolidation scenarios involving multiple entities, currencies, accounting standards, and business rules.
  • Gain insight into financial performance across different entities, products, markets, customers, and projects.
Close And Consolidation Section

Tax & Compliance

Tax and compliance solutions help your team to optimize tax and compliance management with faster processing and a single source of truth.

  • Increase productivity by supporting tax provisioning, country-by-country reporting, BEPS Pillar 2, and transfer pricing in a single solution.
  • Enable tax professionals to perform strategic analysis, compare data across jurisdictions and business units, and identify rate drivers and implications.
  • Accelerate the production of regulatory, internal, and external reports with the industry’s only all-in-one disclosure management solution, built on Microsoft Office.
Tax And Compliance Section

Accounting & Treasury

Accounting and treasury solutions help businesses manage complex financial data, comply with regulations, and optimize their performance.

  • Streamline equity administration and reporting from managing eligibility to processing purchases for employee stock purchase plans (ESPP).
  • Scalable solutions for cap table management, equity management, waterfall analysis and employee/shareholder. communication.
  • Consolidate IFRS 16 lease data, measure lease accounting metrics precisely, and create compliant financial statements and reports.
Accounting And Treasury Section

Embedded Analytics

Embedded analytics solutions enable ISVs to deliver better insights, efficiency, and user satisfaction to their customers by integrating data-driven features into their applications.

  • Enhance your applications with interactive dashboards, pixel-perfect reports, self-service data discovery, and more.
  • Simplify the delivery of analytics using purpose-built software that supports iFrame-less embedding and rich, modern APIs.
  • Deliver self-service analytics and reporting directly to your end users from within your application.
Embedded Analytics Section

Automation & Data Management

Automation and data management solutions help speed up processes, consolidate multiple data sources, and manage the data that helps your business stay competitive and agile.

  • Simplify access to data by connecting seamlessly to multiple data sources in real time, ensuring a reliable and up-to-date flow of information.
  • Automate time-consuming manual ERP processes, including updating master data, while complying with security and governance protocols.
  • Get products to market faster by streamlining product information management across channels.
Automation Data Management Section

Boost Your Business Performance with Smart Data Solutions

Whether you need to streamline reporting, optimize budgeting and planning, simplify close and consolidation, enhance tax reporting, ease your compliance burden, manage equity plans, or embed analytics into your application, insigthsoftware has the perfect software solution for you.

Leverage the power of your data to make better decisions, improve efficiency, reduce errors, and save time. Plus, integrate with your existing ERP and EPM systems, such as Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, and more. Don’t let manual processes slow you down. Discover how insigthsoftware can help you transform your business today.


Less Time

Julie Muller
Julie Muller Finance Manager

"I'd say we need 30 to 40 percent less time to get our work done, all thanks to Jet. Fixed assets, for example, used to take half a day; now Jet does that automatically. That's amazing.”

2 Days

Saved Every Week

Nick Stuart
Nick Stuart Corporate Controller

"The CFO and I can pull up the data and see where our cash is at any time. It’s really been a life saver, especially during these uncertain times."


Less Time

Brian Meyers
Brian Meyers Controller

"It’s not just the huge amount of time that is saved; it’s also the sheer amount of information that's available at the click of a button."