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Automate Tax Management. Reduce Errors. Gain Insights.

Automate tax workflows, standardize processes, and unlock strategic tax insights through unified data analysis. Experience the power of a frictionless tax management solution, boosting efficiency and accuracy for informed decision-making.

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We Connect to 200+ ERPs/EPMs


The Complete Solution for Your Global Tax Needs.

Use Cases

Optimize Efficiency with insightsoftware’s Tax Solutions: Streamlined, Centralized, and User-Friendly for Enhanced Accuracy and Governance.

Elevate your data analysis. Ensure accurate streamlined reporting with insightsoftware’s tax solutions. Meet regulatory challenges while reclaiming time through automation.

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Centralized calculations help you reduce manual processes, ensure integrity, and promote transparency. Monitor subsidiaries for profitability deviations early and proactively address underlying causes. Easily measure with consolidated financial data and gain detailed visibility into jurisdictions, entities, and timeframes. Enhance coordination among FP&A, tax, and operations teams for timely action and year-end surprises prevention.

Reclaim lost hours and gain valuable time for tax analysis with insightsoftware’s automated tax provisioning solutions. Leverage seamless calculations and embrace new levels of efficiency for multi-jurisdictional compliance.

BEPS challenges demand evolved tax solutions. insightsoftware’s flexible tax solutions help you navigate increased data complexity. Ensure efficiency, prepare for Pillar 2, and foster collaborative analytics for your tax team’s success in this dynamic environment.

Close faster with insightsoftware’s tax solutions. Automated data collection across departments minimizes manual delays, reducing dependence on finance. Redirect valuable time and energy towards strategic initiatives. Gain agility, speed tax completion, and enhance department autonomy for efficient, independent operations.

Unify tax data, unlock strategic insights. Streamline analysis with insightsoftware’s centralized, standardized tax solutions. Ensure accurate entity comparisons and financial storytelling for confident decision-making.

See for yourself why over 500K+ users are using insightsoftware to draw instant data insights, react swiftly to market changes, and outpace their competition

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Jonathan Mui Global Taxation Manager

The ability to drill into that information and details when an executive asks us ‘why did this number change?’, ‘what's the source?’ or ‘what’s caused this number to change?’, we're able to very, very quickly use regular reporting in the [Longview] system to drill down into the details to provide that answer for the executives. This generates a lot of value for us.

Up to 50%

reduction in time

Sebastiaan Stoffelen Tax Assurance Specialist

“We found a lot of value in the automation because of our tight reporting timelines. At the end of the process the disclosure notes are all fully automated, resulting in a more controlled outcome because of the validation checks that are built into Longview Tax. Ultimately, we aim for a holistic approach to our tax processes, with one source for multiple users.”

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Inna Kostuk Group Tax Director

“The time we earn with Longview Tax, we can now spend on more value add tasks.”

Roles & Industries

Enhance Your Tax Function with insightsoftware Solutions

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VP of Tax/Tax Reporting

VP of Tax manages global compliance, oversees tax returns, and analyzes tax obligations. Tax software aids in closing faster, reducing dependency, eliminating errors, and establishing a single source of truth for strategic analysis.

Img Role Vp Director Of Audit

VP/Director of Audit

Tax software helps your Audit VP/Director by automating processes, enhancing accuracy, providing data visibility, saving time, ensuring compliance, and facilitating comprehensive reporting for efficient and strategic audit management.

Img Role Vp Director Manager Of Compliance

VP/Director/Manager of Compliance

Tax software empowers your Compliance VP/Director/Manager by accelerating provisioning, ensuring timely data, simplifying trend analysis, offering robust reporting tools, and streamlining Country By Country Reporting for efficient compliance with evolving OECD requirements


Tax management software enhances efficiency, accuracy, and compliance in an organization’s tax processes. It saves time, cuts costs, and ensures regulatory adherence for better decision-making.

You can ensure the security of your financial data in the cloud by choosing a reputable vendor that follows industry best practices and standards for data encryption, backup, recovery, authentication, authorization, and monitoring.

Ensure the vendor you choose to work with offers flexible integration options to connect to the many and varied data sources required for tax, transfer pricing and tax transparency.