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data restoration from days to hours

Felix Chou Data Capability Lead

Power ON is the way to go for data collection because it's in Microsoft Power BI.
We leverage the Power BI dataset which we are familiar and comfortable with, and it’s a solution that we want to invest heavily in.

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Carolina Deutschbein BI Manager – Controller

We now confidently present timely, accurate reports to senior executives with much less effort, using a tool inside Power BI.
In our fast-paced and complex industry, this level of efficiency helps strengthen the position of our Alliance as telco frontrunner.

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Dr. Christine Foley Director of Clinical Governance​

With Power ON, we now have the ability to add meaningful commentary from frontline managers directly into the dashboard for real-time analysis and reporting.​
Management and Board stakeholders can review KPIs, with associated commentary, to make more informed decisions and prioritise areas of focus that positively impact patient care.​

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Raoul Lavaulx-Vrecourt Head of Finance & Administration​

Finance people who use Excel should consider Power BI + Power ON. You get the power and simplicity of connected Power BI access and reporting, with the ease of an Excel front end.
Power ON + Power BI + Excel is a much more professional way for us to perform our work. No other solution I’ve seen is as flexible, easy to use, and fast to adopt

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Elisio Santos Business Intelligence Advisor

With Power ON we have one report that can be used by multiple departments instead of 9,000 files!
Every day the staff has the new information and they can check real-time the status of each patient.

Why do you need Planning and Write-back in Power BI?

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Disconnected Planning Data and Tools

Enhance planning efficiency by avoiding disconnected tools. Siloed data, transparency issues, and prolonged planning cycles are risks. Optimize with Power BI: connect data, build dynamic models, and collaborate seamlessly for real-time results.

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Can’t Get Beyond Data Visualization and Analysis

Unlock Power BI’s potential. Elevate beyond visualization with write-back functionality. Tailor Power BI to your business’s unique needs for maximum versatility and productivity.

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Ungoverned Data With No Single Source of Truth

Capture your budget data centrally using Power BI – allow your users to seamlessly work with data in real-time in one familiar tool rather than in local, ungoverned spreadsheets. Store your data alongside actuals to enable easy variance analysis.

Unify and Enrich Data in Your Power BI

Maximize your Power BI investment with Power ON. Elevate your analytics to dynamic planning, forecasting, and real-time collaboration. Unify operational, sales, supply/demand, and production planning seamlessly within Power BI. Integrate driver-based modeling, what-if scenarios, workflows, AI/ML prediction, and custom visuals. Edit, comment, and filter with instantaneous updates and role-based security. Streamline data management with built-in Master Data Management. Empower your team to make confident decisions, all in one place – Power BI.

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Break Down Silos for Agile Power BI Customization

Optimize planning with Power BI’s write-back feature. Edit data in dashboards or reports, see real-time visual updates, and save changes to the source. Empower IT and analysts to create custom apps and reports without coding. Streamline data collection, make informed decisions by writing back to tabular models, and bypass complex databases or third-party tools.

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Turn Power BI into a Versatile and Productive Business Tool

Maximize business user efficiency in Power BI with an Excel-like interface. Analyze, edit, filter, and format data seamlessly. Power ON’s planning software revolutionizes strategy with driver-based, top-down planning, and KPI goal-seeking features, facilitating data-driven decisions. Experience multi-version simulation, automated data imports, and seamless Power BI integration for efficient planning. Unleash your potential with comprehensive planning software today.

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Maximize Functionality and Flexibility With How You Budget

Power ON’s Budget Planner is a complete budgeting and planning solution that helps organizations create unified and structured budgets within Power BI. Budget Planner is built on Power ON and delivers a pre-configured planning and budgeting model that gets you up and running fast, with Excel-like functionality for easy user adoption. Budget Planner allows users to perform impactful analysis on working budgets by easily inputting budget figures, making changes to existing budget versions, and providing shortcuts to copy and manipulate data.

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Seamless integration with your ERM/EPM, realtime data feed & IT-free export features

Connect to 140+ ERPs and EPMs export and view render data without an IT expertise

Transform the Way You Budget & Plan

Relying on multiple, locally stored Excel spreadsheets to keep track of your budgets is prone to errors, unsustainable, and offers no ability for real-time collaboration. The solution? A complete budgeting & planning solution that’s built on top of your existing BI tool – seamless integration.

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