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Elevate BI: Collaboration & Customization Features

Transform how you work with data. Dive into smarter decision-making, seamless data analysis, and fully customized reporting with our BI tools. Experience collaboration like never before, empowering your every insight. With us, your BI journey becomes a beacon of innovation and impact, tailored just for you. 

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Products to Boost your BI: More Value, More Power, More Insights

Elevate your BI to enterprise-strength BI and embedded analytics. Supercharge Power BI and Qlik into advanced solutions through write-back and improved accessibility. Maximize your applications with predictive analytics and seamless data integrations.

Roles & Industries

Get the Most Out of Your Analytics Investment

Business Intelligence and Analytics software empowers diverse roles and industries, providing data insights for decision-makers, and streamlining processes for operational efficiency across your organization.


Adopting specialized BI solutions can significantly enhance project outcomes, overcoming the common issue of trying to fit square pegs into round holes—where businesses expect incumbent BI products to meet all needs universally. Agile approaches ensure more tailored, effective solutions, leading to decisive success and transformative results. 

Strategic accelerators not only introduce advanced features like BI write-back, actionable analytics, AI & ML predictions, and enhanced visuals, but they can also augment your existing BI technology stack or replace it altogether. This flexibility allows for precision and customization tailored to specific business needs. 

insightsoftware offers products specifically designed to enhance Power BI and Qlik Sense offerings, addressing challenges such as limited dynamic data use, missing data connectivity, and loose embedded analytics, facilitating more effective data exploration and decision-making. 

Real-time connectivity transforms BI tools by ending the cycle of delayed reporting. Immediate access to insights and trends empowers proactive decision-making, enhancing strategic actions with comprehensive, seamless data integration. 

Embedded analytics improve end-user experience with data insights, offer faster “time to value” in expanding product offerings, and reduce tech debt, enabling quicker market entry. 

Looking for inspiration? Browse and sample our library of interactive dashboards – created with Logi Symphony.