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Are you ready to make the leap from static Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) reports to financial and performance dashboards that provide actionable C-level insights?

Does Your EPM Reporting Meet the Needs of your C-Level Executives?

Are you getting the actionable C-Level insights from your Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) data that your organization needs? Or, are you stuck with static reports, BI tools that lack financial intelligence, and time-consuming manual reporting processes that leave little time for essential analysis?

When it can take 5 to 15 days to produce report packs that consolidate financial information across all group companies, it is no wonder that finance teams face an uphill battle to provide colleagues across the business with value-added analysis and actionable insights.

49% fewer reports needed

50% less FTE needed for BPR

1 day needed to report Operating Results

Actionable financial insights, anywhere, anytime

CXO is a finance-owned reporting solution that connects directly to your EPM. It comes with out-of-the-box best practice financial reports and dashboards that help you get up and running fast so you see value from the get go.

Visualize your EPM data in a clear and logical format exactly how a CEO or CFO would look at it—rather than how it’s stored in the hierarchies of your EPM system—so you can slash the time it takes for reporting and enable your business to adapt quickly to today’s competitive and fast-changing environment.

  • Visualize and analyze
    View consolidated financial data, then filter and drill down to get to the bottom of every variance.
  • Plug and play connectivity
    Pre-built connectors provide direct connectivity to leading EPM systems including Oracle HFM, SAP BPC, and Tagetik integrated with the EPM security model.
  • Pre-built content to get you started quickly
    Extensive library of premium out-of-the-box dashboards and reporting storyboards to get up and running quickly.
  • Tell your story, together
    Commentary and online collaboration to tell the story behind your numbers.
  • Automate your financial report packs
    Storyboards automate the production of report packs, freeing up your time to focus on analysis.
  • Access anywhere, from any device
    Available on desktop and mobile devices.


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The successful implementation of CXO Software at Randstad is the result of close cooperation between IT, business Control and Accounting. A major step is taken towards digitalization of financial reporting including easy access everywhere.

Rob Fenne
Managing Director Group Accounting
Randstad Holding

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The key benefits for us is the amount of time that we’ve saved creating our management accounts. That process used to take a day and a half for the financial accounting team. It is now an instant process.

Andrew Murphy
HFM Administrator

We no longer need to manually create, check, or change the reports, everything flows out of CXO Software and is already in our standard format.

Albert Hoekman
Manager Financial Reporting
Akzo Nobel


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