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Are Your Reporting, Analytics, and Planning Efforts Hindered by Poor Access to Data and Inflexible Tools?

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You’re Dependent on IT to Create Reports

Finance teams are already under a lot of pressure, so when report creation isn’t up to speed, they lose momentum in critical processes. Microsoft native reporting tools like Management Reporter are time-consuming and technically complex. Popular BI solutions like Microsoft Power BI weren’t built for transactional reporting. This makes the finance team rely on the IT department or expensive external consultants for report creation.

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It’s Hard to Combine Multiple Data Sources

Without a readily available IT team or the technical skills in-house to make the complex reporting tools in Microsoft Dynamics AX work for you, you’re going to hit some major roadblocks. Combining data from Microsoft Dynamics AX and a third-party system in order to get a single source of truth takes too much time and is an overly complex and expensive process, leaving you dependent on a few key resources.

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Your Planning and Forecasting Processes Are Inefficient

With a manual, spreadsheet-based planning process, your teams spend an excessive amount of time juggling the planning process: sending out budget templates by email, reminding users to return forms, manually consolidating sheets, and finally, cross-checking all figures for errors. This is unproductive, causing you to lose time and create a high risk of working with inaccurate figures.

Enable Fast and Efficient Reporting, Analytics, and Planning for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Faster Reporting with Live, Refreshable Data in Excel

Tackle all your financial and operational reporting and data uploading needs within the familiar Excel environment with Atlas. Create reports without having to type code or understand database structures. Drill down into balances, journals, and transactions to find problems such as GL reconciliation issues, fast. Work with real-time data so that changes to Microsoft Dynamics AX, like journal postings, are immediately reflected in your reports. Maximize productivity by automating and streamlining reporting and data upload tasks, and schedule them to run overnight or at quieter times. Speed up processes with ultra-fast data upload and download, even for large volumes. Get up and running fast, so you see value in hours or days, not in weeks and months.

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Establish a Single Source of Truth for Faster BI and Analytics

Ensure that everyone in the organization is using the same information to run their reports and analytics. Combine and keep data current and ready for analysis, even from multiple sources, with user-friendly data preparation, automation, and modeling tools to support all your reporting and analytics needs. Take control of the process in-house without requiring technical skills with a solution that deploys five times faster than manual coding. Use ready-made OLAP cubes and Tabular models for fast, easy reporting in Excel or other tools like Microsoft Power BI. Get up and running fast with prebuilt content and shared semantic layers that are tailored for specific departments and purposes. When you are ready to make the move to Microsoft Dynamic 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management in the cloud, take your reports with you without having to do lengthy and costly rework, maintain your historical data, and easily add additional data sources.

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Improve Planning and Forecasting Accuracy

Shorten planning cycles with a modern, flexible solution that is faster, safer, and more intuitive than traditional planning using manual Excel spreadsheets—all directly in the browser. Save time with automatic consolidation of budgeting and planning figures, always connected to your Microsoft Dynamics AX data. Improve team output with effective collaboration features, built-in workflow management, and multi-level approvals. Rapidly create any type of budget, plan, or forecast, thanks to the spreadsheet-like technology, which lets you use your existing skills. As your needs expand, easily scale your solution to additional users, entities, and planning areas.

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Avoid Three Common BI Mistakes: Save Your AX BI Project

Business intelligence projects are critical and complex. Cost overages, extended timelines, operational disruption, and low user adoption are all risks when building and implementing business intelligence, and there are common reasons why those things happen that can be avoided. The success of your Microsoft Dynamics AX BI project takes upfront planning, and the decisions you make can impact your business immensely.

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Work with the #1 Reporting, Analytics, and Budgeting Vendor for Microsoft Dynamics AX

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“People are able to make better decisions faster with Jet Analytics. We’ve gotten that feedback as we circle back to every phase, from sales to procurement to inventory—we had no easy visibility into those numbers.”

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