Are Database Complexities Costing you Time and Easy Access to Your Data?

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Connecting Power BI is Difficult

Power BI is a leading visualization tool, but without the right underlying data solution, it is hard to use in Microsoft Dynamics AX and has no data segmentation.

Manual Processing

Microsoft Dynamics AX Isn’t Built for Reporting

Without a readily available IT team or the skills in-house to make the complex reporting tools in Microsoft Dynamics AX work for you, you’re going to have some major roadblocks.

Human Error Prone

Your Users Can’t Access the Data They Need

With more than 4,600 tables, knowing where to find the data you’re looking for and how to assemble them in Microsoft Dynamics AX takes a highly technical, specialized resource and too much time.

Make Timely, Strategic Decisions Based on Accurate Data, Adaptable Reporting, and Power BI Analytics in Any Format

Integrated With Power BI

Easily prepare and bring together your Microsoft Dynamics AX data in one place using an underlying data solution. A process that would take upwards of two days only takes a half hour with insightsoftware’s reporting and analytics solutions, and any non-technical user can do it themselves.

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Gain Insight into Your Data

Get full visibility into operational performance with multi-database consolidation and report creation directly inside Excel. Our software provides better-organized data and a fast, front-end reporting tool built for Microsoft Dynamics AX, so you get accurate answers when you need them.

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Cut Reporting Time in Half

Make accurate, timely decisions with self-service reporting 

Equip your employees with an easy-to-use, Excel-based interface to access data, build their reports, and make data-driven decisions fast. Stop wasting time and start freeing up valuable time to focus on strategic business initiatives.

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Avoid 3 Comon Bi Mistakes For Ax

Avoid 3 Common BI Mistakes: Save Your AX BI Project

Business intelligence projects are critical and complex. Cost overages, extended timelines, operational disruption and low user adoption, are all risks when building and implementing business intelligence, and there are common reasons why those things happen that can be avoided. The success of your Dynamics AX BI project takes upfront planning, and the decisions you make can impact your business immensely.

Get to know more about the structure and lifecycle of a business intelligence project so you can best insulate your business from these common risks in this whitepaper.

Work with the #1 Reporting, Analytics, and Budgeting Vendor for Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Customer Bio Force America

“People are able to make better decisions faster with Jet Analytics. We’ve gotten that feedback as we circle
back to every phase, from sales to procurement to inventory – we had no easy visibility into those numbers.”

Chris Erickson IT Director at Force America View Customer Story

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