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Less Time

Julie Muller
Julie Muller Finance Manager

"I'd say we need 30 to 40 percent less time to get our work done, all thanks to Jet. Fixed assets, for example, used to take half a day; now Jet does that automatically. That's amazing.”

2 Days

Saved Every Week

Nick Stuart
Nick Stuart Corporate Controller

"The CFO and I can pull up the data and see where our cash is at any time. It’s really been a life saver, especially during these uncertain times."


Less Time

Brian Meyers
Brian Meyers Controller

"It’s not just the huge amount of time that is saved; it’s also the sheer amount of information that's available at the click of a button."

A Single Source of Truth for All Financial and Operational Reporting

Jet Benefits 7

Gain Control and Consistency Over Your Data

Benefit from consistently applied business logic across all your data. No more re-creating calculations in various front-end tools.

Jet Benefits 8

Report Across Multiple Data Sources

Easily consolidate multiple data sources in one place, combining ERP and non-ERP data in the cloud or on-perm.

Jet Benefits 6

Roll-Out Faster, Easier BI Projects

Jet Analytics ERPsmarts means you can get up and running faster, rely less on IT, and reduce your need for costly technical experts and consultants.

Jet Benefits 1

Make Power BI Better

Pre-built data warehouse and cubes designed for reporting and analytics, Jet Analytics gives you an accurate, controlled set of data to feed into Power BI.

Jet Benefits 3

Easily Migrate to D365

Avoid the painful migration of data into your new ERP and enable easy reporting across historical and current data in multiple locations.

Jet Benefits 2

Enable Self-Service Reporting and Analytics

Easy, quick self-service analytics and reporting allows business users to manage and create the reports they need.


A Single Source of Truth for Accurate, Reliable Reporting and Analytics

Simplified Data Estate

Jet Analytics empowers business users to harness multiple data sources for fast, reliable reporting and analytics. With an intuitive data preparation automation and data modeling solution, you get the tools to support all your reporting and analytics needs. Through OLAP cubes and tabular models, you can easily report inside Excel or Power BI, with no coding and without requiring technical expertise. The user-friendly drag-and-drop interfaces simplify data management and report creation and do not require users to type code. Establish a system of record with historical data and multiple data sources, you can guarantee that everyone is using the same information to run their reports.

Enterprise Feature 1

Enable Self-Service Reporting and Analytics

With easy, quick self-service analytics and reporting, business users can manage and create the reports they need, without relying on IT to prepare their data. Focus on running the business, not being a data expert.

Feature 2

Speed Up Reporting

Jet Analytics allows you to combine multiple data sources into a data warehouse, customizable cubes, and tabular models, on a platform that allows configurations five times faster than manual coding. Build and share dashboards within minutes and gain valuable business insight from day one. Seamlessly connect and consolidate multiple data sources for one version of the truth. Speed up reporting cycles with fast query response times, incremental refresh and optimal resource utilization.

Mobile Time To Value 2

Decrease Cost of Ownership

Reduce dependency on expensive technical experts by implementing reporting and analytics changes in-house, whenever your business needs require you to change. Jet Analytics is built to support rapid changes by simplifying the ETL process, with no coding required. Get up and running fast with a drag-and-drop interface, using a library of pre-built OLAP cubes, tabular models, and a reports and dashboard template library. Maximize productivity by centralizing data access rules, and by automating data refreshes.

Enterpise Feature 4

Reduce the Risks and Costs of Your ERP Upgrades

Jet Analytics is designed to reduce the complexity and increase the velocity of your Microsoft Dynamics implementation. It helps streamline your future upgrades by eliminating the need to migrate legacy data into your new ERP and maintaining unlimited sources of legacy data in one consolidated reporting and analytics platform.

Finance Feature 3

Integrates with:


  • Epicor Avante
  • Epicor BisTrack
  • Epicor CMS
  • Epicor Enterprise
  • Epicor Epicor SLS
  • Epicor iScala
  • Epicor Kinetic
  • Epicor LumberTrack
  • Epicor Manage 2000
  • Epicor Prophet 21
  • Epicor Tropos
5 Eye Opening Examples Of Bi

Reporting to Analytics: 5 Eye-Opening Examples of How Business Intelligence Fuels Profitable Change

There comes a time in every organization when reporting alone can’t provide the necessary insights to make informed business decisions. Not sure if you are ready for business intelligence? Don’t know the difference? This whitepaper will make it all clear.

Learn how:

• Real organizations struggle with the transition from reporting to BI
• Organizations use BI to grow their business
• BI can directly impact your bottom line

Work with the #1 Reporting and Analytics Vendor for Microsoft Dynamics

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“With Jet Analytics, we were able to make reports self-service so our non-technical people could get the reports they wanted without tying up our IT staff.”

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