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See for yourself why 500K+ are using insightsoftware to draw instant data insights, react swiftly to market changes, and outpace their competition


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Holly Bierer Entrepreneurial IT Company Executive

We had payback on the tool in 6 months. For example, we processed 845 sales orders at one time uploaded with Process Runner, saving 45 hours of manpower. We’ve been able to take on more projects. And users love it!

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DON NEU Kimball Office

insightsoftware’s support is great. Turnaround time is also very good, but it’s the
thorough solutions offered by your team that stand out.

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Pablo Bascoy

“The main improvement is in flexibility. Without deep technical knowledge and programming skills, it is possible to create a massive load of data in less than five minutes. Unthinkable before Process Runner. We are extremely pleased with level of accuracy, speed of data transfer and the robustness of Process Runner and will be offering this solution to other SAP customers.”


Thus far PRÜFTECHNIK has managed 50 types of transactions and over 300,000 records using Process Runner. They are continuing to find additional ways to use the solution.

Does Manual Data Entry Slow Down Productivity?

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Complicated Tech and IT Delays Hinder You

SAP is a complex tool. Users who understand SAP and know how to upload data into it usually have a significant amount of training and programming knowledge, leaving the average business user locked out of critical data.

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Manual Uploads Hinder Response to Changes

Your organization is unable to react quickly to changes in the market or organizational processes because the upload of data is incredibly manual, time consuming, and error prone.

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Current Workflows Lack Security Standards

Your IT department and those handling SAP data are often dealing with organizational processes and workflows that don’t meet their data standards, resulting in errors and an overwhelming workload.

Get Moving With Simple, Powerful SAP Data Management

Process Runner makes SAP data management fast and easy. Run Tcodes, BAPIs, GUI Scripting, and Data Extractor technology right from Excel. Process Runner offers deep automation capabilities for all SAP modules including FI/CO, SD, HR/HCM, MM, PP, SM, QM, and PS, and full support for SAP S/4HANA.

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Do Away With Data Drudgery

With one-click auto parallel processing, a built-in task scheduler, the ability to handle long texts, and the ability to post large accounting documents exceeding 999 lines, you’ll substantially reduce the time and effort spent on tedious data management tasks and start delivering higher productivity across your organization.

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Data Conversions in a Snap

Process Runner is the go-to solution for SAP data conversion, cleansing, monitoring, and migration needs. Perfect for loading test data during process simulations or training, it eliminates the need for custom ABAP programs for one-time data conversion projects. With Process Runner, say goodbye to the dependency on ABAP and Basis, making it an invaluable tool for last-minute data fixes during critical conversion rehearsals and cutovers. Plus, it helps lower schedule risks during go-lives.

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Seamless integration with your ERM/EPM, realtime data feed & IT-free export features

Connect to 140+ ERPs and EPMs export and view render data without an IT expertise

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Time-Saving Templates

Accelerate your processes by running any of the more than 1,900 no-code automation templates right from your desktop. Each ready-to-run template from the cloud library includes an Excel file and automation script fully recorded and mapped. Process faster so you can take on other projects.

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Easy Data Validation

Take advantage of an additional layer of data governance beyond standard SAP security controls. From Process Runner’s control panel, easily monitor user access across the enterprise by setting data validation rules to prevent erroneous uploads to SAP. Save significant time by debugging data issues before loading your data into SAP.

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Connect Across the Enterprise

Users can quickly build and deploy enterprise data management workflows for collaboration, routing, and approvals to ensure conformance with enterprise governance. Team members can store, publish, share, and collaborate on business process files, presentations, and best practices within Process Runner, facilitating productivity.

The insightsoftware Platform

Your data, connected. When and where you need it. From every major ERP, data warehouse, modern data stack, and cloud vendor, we connect to 200+ environments with pre-built content and logic for your business. Our platform is an Al-enabled integrated solution for the Office of the CFO built on an advanced data virtualization layer.

Get the 101 on SAP Data Automation with Process Runner

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