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See for yourself why over 500K+ users are using insightsoftware to draw instant data insights, react swiftly to market changes, and outpace their competition

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Vip Sharma Head of Group Finance Systems

insightsoftware had done a great job building and enabling a base of pre-built reports that were tailored to our business needs. It was clear that after a bit of training, the team would not have to miss a beat to start generating value from our new ERP.

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Michael Bennett Accounting Projects & Systems Director

For anyone looking at Angles as a possible solution, for the price and for the ease of implementation and the fact that comes pre-loaded with reports out the door, it's a fantastic option... It is similar in look and feel to Tableau, but it is much easier to stand up and probably cheaper as well.

Are You Unhappy With Your Operational Reporting Tools?

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You’re Under Pressure to Produce Reports

Your team needs to create dashboards and analytics for their own use or to share with other business areas. But without adequate tools, a lack of access to the timely data they need to support decision making only results in frustration.

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Standard ERP Reports Don’t Cover Your Needs

Out- of- the- box ERP reports and dashboards rarely cover the full needs of operational reporting. But creating and modifying reports is subject to long lead times given the dependency on IT and lack of pre-built content available with BI tools.

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You Can’t Get Answers to Your Questions

Creating reports means working with inflexible ERP report writers or BI tools that results in overly complex report creation requiring deep technical skills and long change management cycles.

Present Operational Data in an Easy-to-Understand Format

With intuitive tools and capabilities like drag-and-drop editing, you can give your operational report consumers the rich visualizations and interactivity they’ve been looking for. Report viewers can refresh reports at any time, allowing them to independently explore the latest data to get fast answers to their key questions.

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Tame ERP Complexity and Get on the Fast-Track to Actionable Insights

Give your team a head-start with pre-built content packs, including interactive reports, visualizations, and dashboards purpose-built for your ERP that cover common financial and operational reporting needs. Get up and running immediately with no installation required. Combine ERP data with other non-ERP data sources to view the bigger picture

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Get Direct Answers to Operational Questions

Answer critical business questions quickly, including those you can’t answer today from your ERP. Drill down in any report from summary to transaction level to find and fix issues quickly. Work with a tool that gives you control of operational reporting because it understands your ERP and connects directly to your source data, supplying up-to-date information for informed decisions.

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Seamless integration with your ERM/EPM, realtime data feed & IT-free export features

Connect to 140+ ERPs and EPMs export and view render data without an IT expertise

The insightsoftware Platform

Your data, connected. When and where you need it. From every major ERP, data warehouse, modern data stack, and cloud vendor, we connect to 200+ environments with pre-built content and logic for your business. Our platform is an Al-enabled integrated solution for the Office of the CFO built on an advanced data virtualization layer.

Ready to go beyond Operational Reporting & Analytics?

Angles Professional is one of insightsoftware’s unified, modular applications. Select the capabilities you need across budgeting & planning, controllership, and reporting to get more done with less risk by bringing all your insightsoftware applications together in one place.

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