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Simba is an ODBC pioneer with Microsoft and trusted by BI leaders for diverse data access. Its SDK and drivers ensure seamless integration for all clients.

Prod Drivers

Simba Drivers

Enhance Connectivity with Robust Data Drivers for All Platforms

  • Seamlessly Bridge Applications to Any Data Source for Optimal Access
  • Enable Agile Decision-Making with Instant, Real-Time Data Access
  • Leverage Universal SQL Querying for Comprehensive Data Analysis
Prod Sdk

Simba SDK

Build Custom Data Drivers Easily with Comprehensive SDK Tools

  • Streamline Custom Driver Development for Diverse Needs
  • Enable Easy Customer Access to Diverse Data Sources
  • Empower Enhanced Data Manipulation and Query Support
Prod Source

SAP Solution Extension for Central Finance

Streamline SAP Central Finance Implementations

  • Interface data from multiple source systems into Central Finance
  • View third-party operational details and normalize transactions in real time
  • Empower centralized finance operations and deliver key insights


Effortless Custom Data Integrations

Our offerings ensure comprehensive data connectivity, catering to all your needs. Enhance your ETL, BI, or reporting tools with new connection options. Simplify data sharing for providers with seamless access solutions or facilitate data ‘headless BI’ for advanced analytics. Our solutions bridge the gap for efficient, secure data integration. 

  • Multi-Data Sources
  • SQL Access
  • Cloud Integration
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • Real-Time Data
  • FIPs Compliance
  • Scalable Architecture
  • SDK Support
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Roles & Industries

Making Use of Your Analytics

Data integration solutions bring together data from sources both inside and outside the organization, enabling various roles across the business to build advanced analytics for customers and users.

Role Prodman  (1)

Product Manager

Product Managers integrate analytics for enhanced features, revenue boost, and competitive edge. They seek partnerships for data expertise, risk mitigation, and cost reduction through efficient tools for content delivery, saving time. 

Role Biman  (1)

BI Manager / Implementer

BI Managers aim to deliver actionable insights to end users through dashboards. They need efficient tools for content creation, ensuring a balance between quality and timely delivery, enhancing overall user experience. 

Role Appdev  (1)

Application Developer

Application Developers are vital for integrating embedded analytics software into applications, ensuring a smooth connection. Their focus on seamless integration enables users to access powerful analytics features within the application context. 

Director of Information Technology
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Power ON is another tool in our arsenal that helps us develop more accurate plans and forecasts with deeper detail.
It enables us to allocate our time, effort, and resources more strategically.

Felix Chou Data Capability Lead
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Power ON is the way to go for data collection because it's in Microsoft Power BI.
We leverage the Power BI dataset which we are familiar and comfortable with, and it’s a solution that we want to invest heavily in.

Mark Singleton Head of Business Intelligence
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Driving meaningful conversations within Qlik Sense creates immense value — think of an A&E dashboard with the collaboration capability. It allows vital messages and alerts to flow instantly, leading to faster and more effective communication and, ultimately, better care for patients.

The Trusted Choice of BI Leaders


Data drivers are software components that enable seamless data exchange between different applications, acting as a communication bridge to ensure compatibility. 

Data drivers make it easier for software to access and use data from various sources without compatibility issues. 

Yes, data drivers can link software to data stored online, allowing you to access and work with it from anywhere. 

Absolutely, our data drivers ensure compatibility with leading BI tools such as Tableau, Power BI, Qlik, Sisense, Domo, Thoughtspot and Logi Symphony, enabling seamless data extraction from various databases for comprehensive analysis. 

Typically, you download and run an installation program, following the provided steps to integrate them with your software. 

Data drivers work with a wide range, including SQL databases, NoSQL databases, and cloud data services. 

Yes, many data drivers offer the ability to access and work with data as it’s updated in real-time. 

Data drivers include features like encryption and user authentication to protect data and comply with privacy laws. 

Yes, there are drivers available for both SQL and NoSQL databases, making it easy to work with various data structures. 

Support ranges from online documentation and forums to customer service lines, depending on the provider.