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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Data Should Never be Difficult to Access

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Native Reporting in Microsoft Dynamics NAV is Inflexible

Like all ERPs, Microsoft Dynamics NAV is designed to enforce business processes and record them in a consistent way. It’s not meant to allow flexibility in the way reports are designed, how data are consumed, or how budgeting is controlled. This is also true of the native Management Reporter tool, which is an inflexible, technical product that requires the skills of an experienced developer when you want to create a new report or change an existing one.

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Financial Report Creation Takes Time

There will come a time when your organization requires new reports, changes to reports, modifications, and report variations with a tight deadline. Given the complexity of Management Reporter, finance teams fall back on manually exporting and formatting Microsoft Dynamics NAV data in Excel to create or modify their reports, which takes up valuable time and increases the risk of human error.

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Manual Planning Processes Are Repetitive and Time-Consuming

As an organization expands and more people from more departments need to participate in the budgeting, planning, and forecasting process, they start to outgrow their manual spreadsheet approach. With manual processes, it is difficult for finance to control and manage the budget process. When they have to send planning templates back and forth between finance and budget contributors, as well as manually consolidate and cross-check numbers to form one cohesive planning document, this takes time and increases the risk of errors creeping in.

Fast, Flexible Reporting, Analytics, and Planning for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Self-Service Reporting Inside of Excel

Create timely, accurate financial reports that can drill down into transactional details, using familiar functions and calculations, all inside of Excel with Jet Reports. Access and report over real-time data, directly from your Microsoft Dynamics NAV data, without having to rely on consultants or the IT department to get your reports out on time. Enable your team to build the reports they need, by using their existing Excel skills, without the need to type code.

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A Single Source of Truth for Rapid, Accurate Analytics

Build trust in your data with Jet Analytics, an automated data management and BI solution. Establish a single source of truth by combining data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV and other sources to ensure that everyone in the organization is using the same data to run reports. Eliminate your dependency on technical experts or expensive third-party consultants. Instead, make your changes in-house so you can react quickly to evolving business needs.

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Make the Right Decisions with Robust Planning and Forecasting

Shorten your budgeting and planning cycles with a web-based, spreadsheet-like planning solution that will save you huge amounts of time and resources. Improve collaboration across your organization with powerful workflows and built-in commenting features. Automatically consolidate budget and forecast figures, all connected to your Microsoft Dynamics NAV data. Let your team members create any type of planning form by using their existing Excel skills. Visualize live actuals and variances against budget and forecast data to stay on top of your business performance. Get a more accurate, reliable outlook on your figures, allowing you to make the right decisions, faster.

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“When people are trying to write reports in our company, they have to understand what they want first. With Dynamics NAV and Jet Reports working together, it’s pretty easy to do that.”

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