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See for yourself why over 500K+ users are using insightsoftware

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Charles Ngare Head of Internal Audit

Our team easily saves twelve hours a week by using automated weekly management reports created in Jet Reports.

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Henriette Jørgensen Chief Accountant

“I trust the data in Jet Reports.”

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Frank van Holsteijn Application Manager

Innovation is in the DNA of our company, which is why we turned to Jet Analytics to help us make sense of our data and spot opportunity.

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Jan Løjmand Chief Financial Officer

Jet Reports enables us to look more closely at the costs across each home. If one home has significantly higher costs than an average home, we can look into the reason and flag it as an alert for the board to address.

Struggling to Access Timely and Accurate Data for Financial Reporting?

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Dynamics Data Structures are Exceedingly Complex

The complexity of Dynamics ERP data structures not only impedes the agility and efficiency of financial reporting, leading to delays in closing the books, but also creates a barrier for finance and business users seeking to access critical data independently.

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Slow Reporting Cycles with Limited Analysis

Monthly reporting and other financial reporting processes are tedious, take too long, and are at risk from outdated and inaccurate data. Accounting teams often lack the automation and data management capabilities necessary to address these challenges.

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Reporting is Too Dependent on Technical Experts

Relying on IT or technical experts for financial reporting leads to bottlenecks and delays in accessing critical financial information, hindering timely decision-making, and limiting the ability to leverage financial data for strategic insights.

Cut Reporting Time and Enable Self-Service Reporting

Jet Reports is designed to work with Microsoft Dynamic 365 Business Central, NAV, and GP, allowing non-technical users to build reports and dashboards without IT involvement. No more waiting on consultants or resource-strapped IT departments to get you the reports you need. With Jet Reports, there are no hard-coding or programming skills required, allowing finance teams to explore data and create reports on their own. An extensive library of pre-built reports kickstart reporting, and the drag-and-drop editor makes editing reports easy and efficient.

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Financial Reporting in a Familiar and Flexible Environment

Quickly and easily generate timely, accurate financial reports in the format that works for you, using the same fields and calculations you’re used to, right inside Excel. The Jet Reports Excel add-in empowers accounting teams to create everything from advanced business reports to sophisticated financial statements, directly in Excel with no exporting, no copying and pasting, and no programming required. Just the real-time data you need, directly from your Microsoft Dynamics database, exactly the way you want it, directly in Excel.

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Access Reports Anywhere, Anytime on the Web or Mobile Device

Easily manage and share reports from anywhere at any time with Jet Hub, a secure web portal that gives your employees access to the reports and financial information they need, when and where they need it. With complete report management, report automation, and a collaboration and publishing platform, you never have to second guess if you or your team are looking at the right information. Gain instant access to your reports on the web or from a mobile device, so you never doubt a decision, no matter where you are.

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Financial Transparency: Get Transaction Data Without Leaving Excel

Say goodbye to tedious manual analysis and hello to instant clarity. Jet Reports empowers you to drill down into any line item in your financial statements directly from Excel. Effortlessly uncover the granular details hidden behind financial numbers and transaction-level data, all within your familiar spreadsheet environment. Drill into balances, journals, and subledgers from within Excel to answer follow-up questions and to find and fix errors fast. Explore data outside your initial query without switching to another report.

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Seamless integration with your ERM/EPM, realtime data feed & IT-free export features

Connect to 140+ ERPs and EPMs export and view render data without an IT expertise

Easy Self-Service Financial Reporting Inside of Excel and On the Web

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Fast Financials for immediate Reports

Access an extensive library of pre-built reports and templates with Jet Reports Fast Financials to generate standard financial reports, such as income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, and more, without the need to create them from scratch.

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Drill Down on Numbers Directly in Excel

Powerful drill-down capabilities enable users to explore and analyze data in greater detail, allowing users to click on specific data points, such as totals or subtotals, to access underlying data and view a breakdown of the numbers.

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Drag & Drop Report Wizard

Easily build or amend reports by dragging and dropping elements such as data fields, filters, and calculations and eliminate the need for complex coding. Quickly customize reports by rearranging elements, adding new data fields, or adjusting formatting.

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Real-time Dynamics ERP data connection

Jet Reports real-time connection to Dynamics NAV/GP/D365 Business Central enables users to access and analyze data directly from these systems in real-time, ensuring users have access to the most current and accurate information for reporting and analysis.

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Dashboard Builder for compelling visuals

Empower users to create customized dashboards utilizing a variety of visualization options, such as charts, graphs, tables, and gauges to facilitate data-driven decision-making, streamline reporting processes, and drive business performance.

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Financial Reporting Automation and Scheduling

Streamline financial reporting processes by leveraging robust automation capabilities, including scheduled report generation, data refreshes, and report distribution to save time, and ensure the accuracy and timeliness of reporting processes.

The insightsoftware Platform

Your data, connected. When and where you need it. From every major ERP, data warehouse, modern data stack, and cloud vendor, we connect to 200+ environments with pre-built content and logic for your business. Our platform is an Al-enabled integrated solution for the Office of the CFO built on an advanced data virtualization layer.

All of Your Financials Inside Excel with the Click of a Button

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