Does Your Enterprise Tax Team
Commonly Experience These Challenges?

Lv Tax Close And Reporting 100x100

Close and reporting efforts require large amounts of manual work in static spreadsheets

Lv Tax Lack Of Intergration 100x100

Lack of integration with finance systems means you have to manually rekey data

Lv Tax No Effective Tax Rate 100x100

You often cannot see your group’s effective tax rate (ETR) until it’s too late to take steps to improve it

Unlike your current tax processes...

Longview Tax allows you to focus on harnessing tax data to uncover critical insights that support strategic decision-making. This is achieved through the automation of your tax data within a single source, thereby allowing you to streamline your tax activities and have more confidence in your data, all while reducing operational costs and risk.

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Switch to flexible, cloud-based corporate tax software improves the tax function across your enterprise

Tax Planning

Provisioning and Reporting

Global Tax Transparency

Centralized Tax Management

Tax Analytics

Produce Critical Tax Reports Faster and More Accurately

Close faster while reducing dependencies on other departments

With automated data collection and processing from all departments within your organization, your tax team doesn’t have to wait for consolidation from the finance team for the book income to be transferred manually. Thanks to this reduction in time and manual demands, you gain greater agility to accelerate your tax completion timeline while simultaneously boosting your department’s autonomy.

Eliminate the costly consequences of error-prone manual tax management

End your reliance on error-prone spreadsheets that require countless hours to check and re-check for accuracy. Instead, there’s a better way: standardize your data and processes, which allows for automated calculations and reporting with improved internal controls. Automating as much tax data collection and calculation as possible improves your data consistency and prevents manual errors.

Establish a single source of truth that promotes strategic analysis

Standardizing your data allows for much deeper analysis. When you’re finally able to compare apples to apples across jurisdictions and business units, it becomes much easier to identify and understand your main rate drivers. This timely and comparative reporting is exactly what you need in order to see your group’s ETR much earlier on and take action if needed.


Reporting and Analytics

Unlock the strategic power of your tax data:

  • Base business decisions off reliable, up-to-date information.
  • Analyze tax data for scenario building, forecasting, and other strategic processes.
  • Generate easy-to-digest reports offering data visualization that supports decision-making processes.
Longivew Tax Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Keep your tax software connected with finance solutions such as Longview Close:

  • Take advantage of the efficiencies created by seamless data sharing across solutions.
  • View the full life cycle of data, from book to tax, to improve tax knowledge and address errors at the source.
  • Manage your software without support from IT thanks to an intuitive user interface.
Longview Tax Reporting And Analytics

Simple, Flexible Functionality

Create your own functionality, or choose a standard approach:

  • Implement your tax software quickly with an out-of-the-box approach, or tailor your solution to your organization’s needs.
  • Generate custom reports based on key metrics and strategic goals for your company.
  • Integrate with Excel to retain tax agility while improving your day-to-day capabilities.
Lv Tax Best Of Breed
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Empowering Enterprise Tax Teams in Changing Global Times

The need for organizations to revisit their tax technology and processes has become ever more important in 2020 and beyond, both from a market standpoint and due to increasing tax authority scrutiny. Download this whitepaper to learn more about:

  • How market disruptors and tax reform are having larger and larger impacts on organizations with global footprints.
  • How COVID-19’s long term implications affect workforces, cash flows, and supply chains
  • How to create a strong foundation in the tax department to more easily adapt to future market volatility

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"While all provision solutions can produce a provision, Longview offered more flexibility and organized in a way that makes it easier to navigate and run calculations. We didn’t want to make many customizations, so the standard system just worked better for our team.”

Gatx 185x185 Richard Slinko Sr. Manager Tax Compliance at GATX View Customer Story

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