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Actionable Insights Directly From Your ERP Data

Reveal answers to critical business questions with easy-to-use solutions built to support multiple data sources, including over 140 ERPs. Business users can easily customize, create, and share rich, highly interactive operational reports and dashboards, without depending on IT.

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We Connect to 200+ ERPs/EPMs

Deliver Actionable Insights From Your ERP

Use Cases

Understand Your Operations in a Way You Never Have Before

It can be challenging to generate the actionable insights your business needs to inform strategic decision making. Fortunately, there are solutions to simplify the process and eliminate these data headaches.

Img Operational Reporting Use

Improve your supply chain processes by analyzing data related to inventory levels, supplier performance, logistics, and demand forecasting. Enable your team to identify inefficiencies, reduce costs, improve order fulfillment, and enhance overall supply chain management.

Optimize manufacturing processes by analyzing data from production lines, equipment sensors, and quality control systems. GProactively identify bottlenecks so that you can upgrade production schedules, minimize downtime, enhance product quality, and streamline operations for increased efficiency.

Analyze customer service data to identify patterns and trends to improve customer service performance. Enhance response times, pinpoint areas for training and improvement, and personalize your customer interactions for increased satisfaction and loyalty.

Compile data from multiple sources into comprehensive and accurate reports to analyze and improve processes. Build trust in the financial data consumed across your business.

Evaluate data from various sources such as incident reports, safety records, and compliance data, to see risks coming. Proactively develop risk mitigation strategies and improve overall operational resilience.

Identify and head off IT bottlenecks by analyzing data from servers, network devices, and applications. Enable consistent performance monitoring to identify bottlenecks, predict equipment failures, optimize resource allocation, and ensure the smooth operation of your critical IT systems.

Track key performance indicators (KPIs), analyze customer behavior and preferences, optimize marketing campaigns, and improve sales forecasting accuracy to gain a competitive advantage. Create more targeted marketing efforts, increase conversion rates, and improve sales outcomes.

See for yourself why over 500K+ users are using insightsoftware to draw instant data insights, react swiftly to market changes, and outpace their competition


hours saved

Holly Bierer Entrepreneurial IT Company Executive

We had payback on the tool in 6 months. For example, we processed 845 sales orders at one time uploaded with Process Runner, saving 45 hours of manpower. We’ve been able to take on more projects. And users love it!

2 weeks

of work reduced to 3 days


With Process Runner GLSU, accountants are no longer just data entry clerks. Now, there is time for data analysis instead of data entry.


minutes saved

Accounting Manager

Typically they help us immediately. When we put in a support ticket, we get a response within minutes. And, unlike other vendors, they supply a very quick solution, not just a response.

We’re getting information [in spreadsheets] from the vendors that we’re not rekeying. We definitely have increased accuracy there and across the board. Process Runner GLSU tracks calculations and liability in the spreadsheet – which eliminated a big chunk of time for AP, and reduces key stroke errors.

Roles & Industries

Solutions to Meet Your Unique Reporting Needs

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Improve business efficiency by providing standardized, cost-effective operational and analytical reporting enterprise-wide to monitor, report on, and improve financial and operational processes, supply chain, sales and marketing, and customer support.

Img Role Bi Manager 

BI Manager

Pull reports from multiple data sources without hours of manual lookups and constantly updating that data. With one version of the truth that combines multiple data sources, you can quickly report on financial and business operations.

Img Role Data Architect

Data Architect

Organize disparate systems, clean up your data or pull reports faster. Our operational reporting solutions give you the power to control your company’s data while securely giving more departments access to the vital insights held inside.

Img Role Supply Chain Manager

Supply Chain Manager

Stay agile in today’s challenging geopolitical environment. Using data systems that allow you to quickly make changes can often be the important difference in delivering orders on time and getting your product to market.

Img Role Lob Manager

LOB Manager

Gain access to real-time, accurate, functional views of transactional data to understand supply and demand, perform accurate and actionable forecasting, and manage operations efficiency.

Img Role It Manager

IT Manager

Implement a fast time-to-value, cost-effective, secure solution that leverages existing BI investments and reduces the growing burden of report creation/modification requests on their teams from the wider organization.

Img Role Finance Director

Finance Director

Provide access to a reporting solution that makes it easy for business users to share data, like weekly forecasting, within and beyond finance using familiar, self-service tools.

Manufacturing Graphic


Reduce bottlenecks and keep consistent product information on file in case you need to report on production. Enhance visibility and control over inventory, cost of goods sold, and gross margin to drive productivity.

Technology Graphic


Constant access to data across applications and platforms can be a difficult task for electronics firms that are looking to deliver the highest levels of performance and speed to customers. With data connectivity and interoperability, tech leaders can stay ahead of the competition.

Ind Fin

Financial Services

Gain actionable insights to manage operational risk, ensuring compliance with evolving regulations. Additionally, optimize resource allocation and analyze profitability for informed decision-making.

Ind Retail


Effortlessly track key metrics like sales, inventory, expenses, and cash flow. Timely data and analytics empower you to improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.

Ind Oilenegry

Oil & Energy

Use analytics to predict and adapt to rapidly changing market conditions. Your users can build comprehensive reports from base rates to infrastructure depreciation to quickly respond to requests for data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Operational reporting and analytics is a type of software that provides data insights with visual dashboards. It gathers data from specific products, programs or services and provides a snapshot of past business performance in a given time period.

This data is often shared with the wider organization to give greater insights into company operations.

Operational reporting and analytics can help you achieve better results in different areas, see clear and timely data with graphical displays, and monitor performance across all operational stages.

With operational reporting and analytics, you will enjoy benefits such as monitoring and alerts, context-aware insights, dashboards, visualizations, process optimization, and the ability to identify and address bottlenecks or silos.

Unlike traditional BI, which gives a broad view of how an organization is doing, operational reporting and analytics gives timely and detailed information on specific aspects of the organization, such as its offerings, projects or activities.