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Battling Tedious, Manual, and Error-prone Processes?

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Long Waits
for IT

Business users often rely on IT to create bespoke tools, like LSMWs, that allow them to upload data and execute SAP processes. This usually involves long delays.

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Tiresome, Manual Uploads

When data uploading is manual, time-consuming, and error-prone, it’s hard to respond quickly to market or organizational changes.

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Poor Data Security Compliance

IT departments and those handling SAP data often deal with organizational processes and workflows that don’t comply with their data standards, resulting in errors and crushing workloads.

Streamline Processes and Boost Efficiency

Eliminate tedious, manual, error-prone processes. Easily create, extract, update, and manage SAP data within Microsoft Excel without writing a single line of code.

Eliminate Manual Data Entry to SAP

Eliminate repetitive data entry tasks, streamline workflow and dramatically improve productivity. Automate data upload and download between Microsoft Excel and SAP without writing code. Easily change and modify your automation scripts using a drag-and-drop interface; no programming experience is required. Work with a more flexible alternative to automation than LSMW, BDC, SM35, and SHDB solutions.

  • Create, extract, and transform SAP data using Excel
  • Validate and simulate data before uploading to SAP
  • Comply with all SAP security, governance, and compliance protocols
  • Leverage the industry’s most extensive T-code library – with over 1900+ ready-to-run templates
  • Create powerful workflows with out-of-the-box simplicity
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Simplify SAP Financial Data Management

Simplify SAP financial data entry and automate transactions from inside Microsoft Excel. From simple, recurring general journal entries to allocations thousands of lines long – no other solution comes close. Work faster and smarter with a familiar, flexible, intuitive interface for SAP data entry and transaction posting inside Excel.

  • Automate more than 40 SAP financial transactions
  • Easily create and customize templates with point-and-click field selection
  • Build templates for monthly close packages, rebates, accruals, allocations, and form inputs
  • Check input data against SAP master data to warn of potential errors before posting
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SAPinsider Research Brief: Criticality of Data Management & Process Automation in SAP Ecosystem

Taming the complexity of SAP Business Process Management

SAPinsider had the opportunity to discuss best practices in SAP data management automation with thought leaders and solution experts from Magnitude, an insightsoftware company, to discuss the nuances of a robust SAP data management and governance automation solution.

In this report you can learn:

  • The three aspects every SAP data management and governance solutions should support
  • The features and tools that can help businesses react and respond fast in today’s market
  • How to identify and analyze data processes and evaluate success

Download the report to learn more!

The #1 Automation Tool for Functionality, Simplicity, and Enterprise Governance and Management Features

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We had payback on the tool in 6 months. For example, we processed 845 sales orders at one time uploaded with Process Runner, saving 45 hours of manpower. We’ve been able to take on more projects. And users love it!

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