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Is the Hassle of Month-End Close and Data Validation Grinding You Down?

Too Many Moving Parts

Keeping financial processes flowing smoothly often requires a lot of people and moving parts. With so many disparate pieces, it’s no wonder that tracking your FICO data validations and statuses feels like a juggling act.

Your Team is Mired in Manual Tasks

Working with SAP’s complex interface and migration processes has your finance team bogged down with tedious manual tasks, prolonging time-critical activities, like month-end close.

You’re Reliant on IT to Complete Everyday Finance Tasks

Validating financial data before it’s uploaded to SAP is an ongoing struggle. Without automation your options are limited, so finance is stuck relying on an overextended IT team to accomplish their projects.

Never Re-Key Another General Ledger Entry Again

Get Moving With Powerful SAP Data Automation

Automate more than 40 SAP transactions with support for large journal entries (>1000 lines), payroll, purchase orders, P-Card, invoices, multiple currencies, and cross-company entries. Streamline business processes and financial operations without adding complexity. Eliminate cumbersome manual processes and tedious tasks that consume significant time and effort.

Process Runner GLSU

Tackle Errors Before Posting

Process Runner GLSU’s pre-validation feature allows enterprises to check input data against live SAP master data to warn of potential errors before posting into SAP. All errors are returned as a single report for efficient review and handling. Quickly click through and correct each error.

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Improve Efficiency & Cut Costs

Process Runner GLSU provides the ideal blend of features for your SAP finance team while eliminating the need for lengthy internal development life cycles, budget overruns, and excessive support costs. GLSU improves efficiency and empowers users to create their own templates without a phone call to IT.

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Break Through the 1,000-Line Barrier: How to Post Large SAP FICO Data Files

In this webcast you will learn:

  • How to easily post large amounts of external data into SAP
  • The benefits of reducing manual data entry and offering finance teams a self-service tool
  • The pros and cons of buying automation software vs. building an in-house tool
  • How to increase your data integrity levels with validation for large amounts of data

FICO Data Automation From a Trusted Solution, Certified by SAP for ECC and S/4HANA

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Typically they help us immediately. When we put in a support ticket, we get a response within minutes. And, unlike other vendors, they supply a very quick solution, not just a response.

We’re getting information [in spreadsheets] from the vendors that we’re not rekeying. We definitely have increased accuracy there and across the board. Process Runner GLSU tracks calculations and liability in the spreadsheet – which eliminated a big chunk of time for AP, and reduces key stroke errors.

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