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Break Down Silos and Gain a Unified View of Your Entire Organization

The insightsoftware Platform is your one-stop shop for all your reporting, analytics, and performance management needs. Built on an open business data fabric that integrates more than 200 data sources, it seamlessly connects finance, accounting, and operations applications. It eliminates data silos and gives you the agility to make data-driven decisions from a single source of truth.


See More, Do More, Know More

The insightsoftware Platform empowers business users across your organization to access and analyze financial and operational data in real-time. This improves decision-making at every level and eliminates discrepancies and confusion.

  • Connected applications: Data seamlessly flows between finance, accounting, and operations applications to provide a single, consistent view of your entire organization.
  • Common experience: Effortlessly navigate between applications with a consistent user experience.
  • Faster insights: We understand your data, its intricacies, and how to unlock its true value. Leverage pre-built templates and reports for immediate insights and confident decisions.
  • Easy onboarding: Utilize role-based, in-app guidance for a smooth learning curve.
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Simplify Management, Maximize Efficiency

The insightsoftware Platform gives administrators centralized control over user management, security, and data connections for all applications.

  • Shared connectivity: Seamlessly share data connectivity and business logic across applications. Eliminate silos and streamline workflows.
  • Centralized security: Effortlessly provision users, manage security settings, and control access from a single location.
  • Simplified deployments: Get up and running quickly with pre-built, ERP-specific templates and business logic.
  • Reduced IT burden: Free up IT resources from managing multiple point solutions.
  • Scalability for future growth: The modular Platform scales with your business needs, so you’re always ready for what’s next.
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Deliver Exceptional Value, Strengthen Client Relationships

Provide exceptional service to your customers with a one-stop shop for managing all insightsoftware applications.

  • Simplified customer management: Allocate licenses, track usage, and identify training needs with ease.
  • Streamlined support: Seamlessly switch between customer accounts to provide efficient support.
  • Deepen client relationships: Empower your customers to achieve success faster with the power of the Platform. Enhance your relationships and solidify your position as a trusted advisor.
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Mix and Match Applications to Unlock a World of Possibilities

Unmatched Capabilities to Power Your Finance Transformation

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Get more done by bringing all your insightsoftware applications together in one place.

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