Get more done by bringing all
your insightsoftware applications
together in one place.

To adapt to ever-changing, volatile market conditions, businesses must move quickly to stay ahead. But skills shortages combined with an overreliance on IT to make sense of data in complex business systems are draining productivity at a time when companies need to do more with less. Business users need to work with technology that makes moving between tasks easier to get more done.


Connect Business Users with the Data, Tools & Resources They Need

With insightsoftware’s Platform, users across finance and operational business areas have one place to sign in, launch their applications, and access relevant resources.

  • Get up to speed quickly with role-based onboarding experience.
  • Stay productive with access to context-sensitive help and support across all applications.
  • Work more efficiently by easily moving between apps with a similar look and feel to finish tasks using the same data.
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Reduce the Effort Required to Manage Users, Licenses & Data Source Connectivity

Administrators save time and energy by managing all users, security, data sources, and licenses across their insightsoftware applications from one place​.

  • Access a user-friendly, comprehensive overview of all your applications.
  • Easily add users and track each application’s available, used, and remaining licenses.
  • Keep the cost of ownership low by sharing data, pre-built business views, and insights from those ERPsmarts across applications.
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Boost Efficiency by Handling All Your Customers’  insightsoftware Applications in One Place

insightsoftware partners save time, money, and energy by managing all their customers’ users, security, and licenses across their insightsoftware applications.

  • Easily manage all customer accounts from one place.​
  • Switch between customer accounts seamlessly​.
  • Maximize adoption by analyzing usage patterns to identify training needs.
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With everything in one place, you can make better decisions faster and more confidently

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Get more done by bringing all your insightsoftware applications together in one place.

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