Real-Time, Drillable Reporting that Connects to 130+ ERPs Right In Excel

Uncover what’s truly going on in your organization by connecting to your live ERP data from inside Microsoft Excel and easily create any ERP report you need, from financial statements—including balance sheets and profit & loss—to operational reports such as manufacturing cycle times and inventory turns. Drill down to see the data behind the numbers and get instant answers to critical business questions.

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Spend More Time Analyzing Data and Less Time Preparing It

Put an end to time-intensive, error-prone, manual ERP report processes with automated, Excel-based financial and operational reporting tools that enable end users to build reports rather than rely on and wait for IT. Do more in less time with less effort and full trust in your data.

Choose your ERP:

go faster

Go faster

Close your books faster by empowering business users to create their own refreshable ERP report and to drill into the detail to find and fix issues faster.

save time

Save time

Automate time-consuming manual reporting processes so you spend less time doing crank-the-handle stuff and more time actually helping people.

increase accuracy

Increase accuracy

Access real-time ERP report data, so you are always working with the latest, most accurate numbers to answer the latest questions.

Features Designed for Your Needs

Report and Analyze
Budget and Forecast
Upload and Post
ERP Connectivity

Report and Analyze

Uncover what’s truly going on with real-time, drillable reporting that lets you spend less time preparing and formatting data, leaving more time for value-added analysis.


Budget and Forecast

Create, distribute, collate, load, and analyze budgets—better and faster—from inside the familiar Excel environment.

Upload and Post

Eliminate cumbersome, error-prone processes for uploading budget plans or large batches of journals into your ERP. Create, delete, or modify data from any module quickly and easily through a simple Excel interface to accelerate your accounting cycle.


ERP Connectivity

Connect to over 130 ERP systems and access your data securely from within Excel. Create real-time financial and operational reports across all ERP modules. Combine data from multiple modules and multiple sources within one ERP report. Give business users all the information they need to make informed decisions.

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