Native Oracle EBS Reporting Tools are Slow, Inflexible, and IT Dependent

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Getting Your Data Out of Oracle EBS is Too Complicated

Whether you’re on R11i or R12, quick and easy access to the data you need is unnecessarily complicated. Your transactions are spread across multitudes of tables, and drill downs are too slow and manual. Complicated queries and your IT department are the only ways to access the critical data you need. Your reports and dashboards lack the self-service features you need to do your job efficiently.

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You Don’t Have the Flexibility You Need

Pulling anything outside of a pre-defined report is going to require submitting a ticket to IT, so you may end up manually exporting data from Oracle EBS into Excel. Then you’re stuck with the messy, manual process of reformatting the data, and adding tables and calculations that are prone to errors. At best, a lot of time and effort is spent trying to get an accurate, digestible report. At worst, a calculation is pulling data from the wrong cell and your report is no longer accurate, with no easy way to drill down and identify the issue.

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Heavy Reliance on IT to Produce the Results You Need

If you’re using Financial Statement Generator (FSG), Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE), or Smart View, you’re more dependent on IT or a non-finance resource than you need to be. From clunky interfaces to a lack of finance-specific features and technical knowledge requirements, Oracle’s native tools are far from finance-friendly. Without an experienced developer on hand to help you create or update a report with the right query, you’re stuck wasting hours in Excel trying to be resourceful.

Simplify Report Writing and Data Analysis in Oracle EBS with No Technical Expertise Required

Easy, Self-Service Reporting for Oracle EBS

When everyone has access to real-time, accurate information, and the ability to create and share their own drillable reports, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re on R11i, R12, or an older version of EBS, get the access to the data you need, when you need them, with insightsoftware. ERP smarts leverage the Oracle data dictionary, and pre-built content does the heavy lifting for table joins, queries, and calculations. With insightsoftware, you can count on easy and flexible drill downs that will help support and accelerate your daily activities and reporting. It’s easy to obtain, analyze, share, and present essential financial information when and how you need it when your Oracle data is right at your fingertips.

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Intuitive Flexibility

Get the flexible drill downs to your Oracle data that you’ve always hoped for. Gain visibility on multiple transactions without having to click through to view each one individually, all without needing to understand the complex table structure that your transactions live on. Build refreshable reports with real-time, drillable data, without having to understand Oracle’s row and column sets in FSG. If you’re still using Discoverer, you can easily carry over your old reports.

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Reduce Reliance on IT

With a dedicated Oracle EBS reporting software solution, the time it takes for new reports to be built, or older reports to be revised, is no longer an excuse for resorting to manual data dumps into spreadsheets. By empowering you with self-service reporting and a library of pre-built content and reports, you’ll gain better reporting while your IT department will have more time to devote to their other priorities, like data security. A more flexible and agile solution, that leverages your own knowledge of finance, accounting, and spreadsheets, means you’ll be able to reduce the time spent on period close processes, and more on actionable analysis to help your organization grow.

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Combine Oracle EBS Data with Other Sources in Excel

When you have multiple data sources that you need to report on, you want to spend less time preparing and formatting data and spend more time on value-added analysis. Using your existing Excel skills, you can quickly uncover accurate business performance with real-time, drillable reporting in Excel. You can also combine data from multiple Oracle EBS modules.

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Financial Business Intelligence for Oracle EBS

At insightsoftware, we want you to perform at your best in today’s competitive and fast-changing environment by using the world’s finest Oracle EBS reporting and financial business intelligence (BI) dashboard software. With our solutions, business users can access and standardize easy-to-use templates and reports in less time with less hassle.

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Oracle EBS Reporting Options: Finding the Right Solution for Finance

When it comes to reporting solutions for finance, most ERPs tend to struggle. Because Oracle EBS was built with standardized reporting in mind, less time was spent on developing its reporting tools to provide the nimble real-time reports finance really needs. Dissatisfied with native reporting tools, finance teams may revert instead to manual Excel processes or BI tools, but do either of these really provide a satisfactory solution?

Download this whitepaper to learn:

  • Why native reporting tools are unable to give you the flexibility you need
  • What characteristics to look for in a financial reporting solution
  • How to choose the best reporting option for your needs

Finding the right Oracle EBS reporting solution will save both your finance and your IT teams time and frustration. Download this whitepaper today to find your right reporting option.

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