Are your Native Oracle EBS Reporting Tools Too Complicated, Inflexible, and IT Dependent?

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Getting Your Data Out of Oracle EBS is Too Complicated

Whether you’re on R11i or R12, quick and easy access to the data you need is unnecessarily complicated. Your reports and dashboards lack the self-service features you need to do your job efficiently, because they require deep technical knowledge of Oracle EBS. This is compounded when transactions are spread across multitudes of tables and when drilldowns to transactional data are slow and manual. This leaves you dependent on IT to provide access to the critical data you need.

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You Don’t Have the Flexibility You Need

Creating custom reports report often  requires submitting a ticket to IT, which can be a lengthy ordeal.   If you need the report immediately you may end up manually exporting data from Oracle EBS. Then you’re stuck with the messy, manual process of stitching together multiple data dumps, reformatting the data, and adding calculations that are prone to errors. At best, you waste time and effort getting an accurate, digestible report. At worst, the data you pull is incorrect  and your report is no longer accurate, with no easy way to drill-down and fix the issue.

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You’re Heavily Reliant on IT

If you’re using Financial Statement Generator (FSG), or Smart View, you’re more dependent on IT or a non-finance resource than you need to be. From clunky interfaces to a lack of finance-specific features, and technical knowledge requirements, Oracle’s native tools are far from finance-friendly. Without an experienced developer on hand to help you create or update a report with the right query, you’re back to wasting time.

Simplify Report Writing and Data Analysis in Oracle EBS with No Technical Expertise Required

Easy, Self-Service Reporting for Oracle EBS

Build refreshable reports, with real-time, drillable data, without having to understand Oracle’s row and column sets in FSG, whether you’re on R11i, R12, or an older version of EBS. If you’re still using Discoverer, you can easily carry over your old reports. Support and accelerate your daily reporting activities, thanks to deep integration with EBS, that leverages the Oracle data dictionary, and provides out-of-the-box, pre-built content that does the heavy lifting for table joins, queries, and calculations – no technical knowledge required.

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Fast, Flexible Analysis of Financial and Operational Data

Accelerate your period close processes by up to 60 percent, by putting your Oracle data right at your fingertips. Count on easy, flexible drilldowns from summary data to balances, journals, and subledgers to speed up processes like reconciliation and validating adjustment entries. Save time by gaining visibility into multiple transactions without having to click through to view each one individually

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Reduce Your Reliance on IT

With a purpose-built reporting solution for Oracle EBS, you can create and update financial and operational reports fast, without waiting on IT or resorting to dumping data into spreadsheets. Enjoy a fast time to value, thanks to a vast library of pre-built, no code content and report packs. Armed with the power and ability to build and manage your own ad hoc reports, you’ll gain independence from IT immediately, while your IT department will have more time to devote to their other priorities.

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Support Your Risk Management and Compliance Needs

With a solution that supports governed reporting, you can reduce risk and aid compliance in regulated industries or where required by auditors. A host of controls—including full integration with EBS security, read-only data in reports, workflows and approvals, and different user types—gives you control over who has access to functionality and provides a full audit trail of report usage. Report confidently from a single source of truth: your ERP system.

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Automated Report Distribution

Empower decision makers across your wider organization by automatically refreshing reports and dashboards according to predefined schedules and distributing trusted information to them via email in PDF, Microsoft Excel, HTML, or via the BI tool of your choice. Distribute month-end financial statements to board members and other senior executives. Email sales performance reports to your regional managers. Share inventory reports with vendor managers.

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More than Just BI

Financial data are different. Consolidations, eliminations, dimensionality, aging, unbalanced hierarchies—these are all factors for why financial data are simply more complex than other business data. With a deep, purpose-built integration with all major BI tools and Oracle EBS that understands financial and operational reporting, your organization gets timely, accurate information, presented in a digestible, visual form.

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Pre-Built Report Templates

Each template provides more flexibility than your native EBS reports, allowing you to filter on many more fields and to drag additional fields onto the report to answer common questions around cost control, payables, or receivables. 

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Bridging the Gap Between Operational Reporting and Strategic Analytics

Modern enterprise applications are generating, gathering, and storing more information than ever before. Your ERP system alone produces data at an astounding rate because it contains all the data you need to manage your core business activities such as financial accounting, manufacturing, supply chain management, and human resources.

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