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Cap Table Administration & Reporting

Jeff Gould Corporate Secretary

Certent Equity Management keeps the cap table accurate and allows me to provide accurate ownership information to the management team and shareholders quickly

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Derek Williams Vice President, HRIS & Payroll

Service and partnership are keys to our success with insightsoftware. They provide the follow-through and continued communications we need along with a supportive team.


Equity Management

Rochelle Tolon CEP, Senior Stock Administrator

"Certent Equity Management is easy to use, it is easy to administer data, and the support team is very courteous and responsive. The help section is really helpful."

Struggling with Equity Management?

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Gambling With Data Errors & Compliance Issues

Equity plan administration can be derailed by messy data and tricky regulations. Inaccurate grants, missed deadlines, and calculation errors cause financial losses, reputational harm, and legal trouble. Data integrity and compliance are crucial for a smooth equity plan.

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Recurring Nightmare of Manual Report Generation

Manually crafting equity reports is a time-consuming nightmare. Sifting data from spreadsheets and PDFs is error-prone and eats up hours of your time. Every typo or formula mishap demands time and attention. As portfolios grow, inefficiency snowballs, hindering scalability.

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Drowning in Complex Waterfall Calculations

Complex waterfall calculations in equity administration, rife with layered formulas, profit-sharing splits, and performance hurdles become a tangled web of potential errors. Unraveling these mistakes delays payouts and hinders investment progress.

Streamline Stock Options and Grants Administration

Streamline equity compensation processes, improve productivity, and tighten compliance across the entire organization – from stock options to grant administration. Empower users with real-time access to holdings, vesting, and taxes in our user-friendly participant/shareholder portal. Simplify communication with centralized grant details, option exercising, and performance tracking with our administrative role and console. With over 400 pre-built reports and support for over 15 different award types, automate manual processes and eliminate spreadsheets with our simplified web-based platform.

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Tighten Compliance With Robust Reporting Tools

Gain instant, enterprise-wide visibility into your plans, empowering you to refocus valuable resources on strategic initiatives. Our robust reporting tools are meticulously crafted to meet the most stringent regulatory requirements, including SEC, FASB, and IFRS. Effortlessly navigate the complexities of ASC 718 with streamlined compliance and reporting features. Say goodbye to manual processes – automatically generate a staggering 6,039 tax reporting statements and filings, ensuring accuracy and saving you countless hours.

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Integrate Seamlessly With the Critical Systems You Depend On

Simplify equity plan management and ensure compliance with a single, powerful platform. Pre-built connectors eliminate manual data entry and complex coding, seamlessly integrating with your chosen broker’s trading system for a smooth participant experience. Our broker-agnostic design lets you switch brokers without platform changes. Effortlessly synchronize critical tax and employee data with your HR payroll system, shrinking payroll cycles and minimizing errors from manual entry. Ensure access to the most up-to-date employee information, reducing costs and ensuring compliance with tax regulations.

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Simplify all Aspects of Stock Administration and Reporting

Offload your day-to-day equity administration to our expert team of certified equity professionals. Our equity professionals are always on hand to answer your questions as they partner with you to deliver your equity plan. We also work alongside your current broker and other broker partners, and our flexible options make it easy to customize your services to suit your business needs. Reduce risk and ensure compliance with a transparent and documented stock plan procedure manual, stronger controls, and optimized processes.

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The insightsoftware Platform

Your data, connected. When and where you need it. From every major ERP, data warehouse, modern data stack, and cloud vendor, we connect to 200+ environments with pre-built content and logic for your business. Our platform is an Al-enabled integrated solution for the Office of the CFO built on an advanced data virtualization layer.

The Future of Equity Management is Here. Learn more.

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