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Managing the needs of stock plan participants can be more than a full time job. Keeping participants informed and demonstrating the value of their equity compensation is only the tip of the iceberg. You can spend countless hours communicating the details of plans and deadlines along with providing general education about taxes and how to handle transactions. Worse, you can get mired in the follow up to coax those slow to respond to acknowledge their grant packages. The sheer volume of paper and postal processing can leave you with barely enough time to attend to your more strategic management responsibilities.


Wouldn’t it be great to enable employee self-service? If your portal was designed to deliver efficient and effective online grant communications, it would reinforce the value of the plan to help motivate and retain your talent. The ideal tool would let you customize and automate messages that you need to regularly send to participants, like option expiration alerts. It would let you create personalized communications and grant packages. You need a smart tool that can identify the straggler respondents and remind only them about deadlines with messages that you create once and can use as often as you’d like. To save time and save money, you need a technology solution that makes it simple.

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