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Achieve Efficiency with Robust Disclosure Management Tools

Streamline narrative and statutory reporting with our integrated disclosure management solution. Harmonize data, automate workflows, and collaborate seamlessly within familiar tools. Say goodbye to manual proofing cycles and hello to accurate, efficient disclosures.

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Ensure Accuracy and Eliminate Error Prone Processes

Gain control, increase confidence, and experience bulletproof accuracy when you simplify compliance with disclosure management solutions from insightsoftware.

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We estimate that CDM has reduced the time taken to create annual reports by 40 percent on average.

Director, Financial Reporting
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After implementing CDM, we have a much more efficient process. We are able to utilize Excel® to update tables in the document immediately.

Andy Young Head of Finance
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"Simply put, Certent Disclosure Management gives us one version of the truth. CDM cuts out many stages of re-processing information that characterized our mainly manual, past processes.”

Roles & Industries

Disclosure Management for Various Roles and Industries

Experience efficient Disclosure Management. Streamline compliance and enhance transparency across roles and industries. Drive growth with our adaptable solutions.


Disclosure Management Software is a tool that helps organizations automate, manage, and streamline their report production and filing processes. It aids in the creation of public financial documents and ensures compliance with regulatory standards.

Finance and accounting teams within organizations, particularly those that are publicly traded and have complex reporting requirements.

Yes, security is a top priority for us. We include features like access controls, encryption, and audit trails to ensure data integrity and security.

The software is regularly updated to reflect changes in regulatory standards. This ensures that your organization remains compliant with the latest regulations.

Yes, we handle a variety of regulatory standards, including GAAP, IFRS, and SEC regulations.