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Out-of-the-Box Reports in Lawson S3 and M3 are Not Meeting Your Reporting Needs

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Manual Data Exporting is Time Consuming

With no automated way to get reports in Excel from your Lawson system, you’re left with data dumps and manually piecing together information for your reports. Depending on the complexity of the report you need, several exports may be necessary just to stitch together a report to perform basic reconciliation tasks. Then, each period, you’ll need to export the same reports again. Worse still, static spreadsheets are breeding grounds for errors and inaccuracies.

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Custom Ad Hoc Reports are Expensive

When canned reports don’t cut it, most customers find themselves spending money to build their own set of operational and management reports. If you need to combine data from Lawson with other systems, including Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and Patient Health Records, you’ll likely rely on expensive, outside help to create and manage your reporting.

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Report Distribution is Frustratingly Manual and Time Consuming

Distributing report packs at month-end is a requirement, but you feel like it shouldn’t take as long as it does. Once business users receive their reports, you’re inundated with ad hoc inquiries from functional leaders and others. Responding to these inquiries can often mean long days and late nights, taking time away from activities like value-added analysis.

Easily Build Custom Reports and Dashboards Without the Usual IT Bottleneck

Refreshable, Drillable Data in Excel

With Spreadsheet Server there’s no need to worry about inaccurate or stale data in Excel. Reports in Spreadsheet Server are “once built, always built.” Simply refresh or update to a new period to pull in your new Lawson data. Empower your users to create their own reports and have more time for value-added analysis. Excel users can apply their existing knowledge to easily create, edit, and share any report throughout your organization.

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Save Time and Money by Reducing Reliance on Consultants and IT

Outsourcing your reporting can be slower and more expensive than ideal, even with an excellent vendor. With Spreadsheet Server you save time and money by getting reports right the first time, without any back and forth with a consultant. Empower your team to become more hands-on than ever before with the ability to access data from multiple sources, so you can create single reports that contain EHR and financial or operational data from Lawson.

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Easily Distribute Financial Data to Your Non-Finance Audience

Create refreshable, drillable dashboards that your business users can use to help answer the questions they’d typically have at month-end, therefore saving you time. Empowering these users with self-service dashboards not only helps you accomplish other tasks, but they’re equipped with the right answer faster as they’re able to investigate on their own, without having to wait on you.

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Improve Results with Fast, Flexible Planning and Forecasting

Replace manual planning processes with a more centralized, web-based, and efficient system. Use your existing Excel skills to customize budgets and plans directly in your browser. Integrate operational and financial planning while enabling frontline workers to collaborate and contribute to planning models for greater accuracy.

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Ready to go beyond Financial Planning?

Spreadsheet Server is one of insightsoftware's unified, modular applications. By bringing together all your insightsoftware applications in one place you can address multiple business needs faster with less risk, by picking and choosing the capabilities you need across reporting.

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Spreadsheet Server

Real-Time Reporting that Connects to 140+ ERPs Directly in Excel

How To Compare Bi

How to Compare Reporting and BI Solutions

Reporting and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions begin and end with data—not just how the data are collected, but also how they are stored, organized, and accessed. With a saturated market full of solutions to choose from, you need to have a clear understanding of your data needs before you start comparing your options.

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • What to look for in reporting and/or BI software.
  • Why a reporting and BI solution is essential for growth
  • How to avoid reporting and BI solution implementation failure

To assist with your software selection process and help you find a solution that fits your current ERP system and IT infrastructure, we have also created a framework for evaluating third party solutions.

You need to have a clear understanding of your data needs before you start comparing your options.

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“Prior to Spreadsheet Server, it took us an hour per report... now it takes us about 5 minutes per school!”

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