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Pierre-Louis Usselmann Visual Analytics Technology Strategy & Innovation Lead

“KPI Designer is our number one Vizlib product at Novartis, within the entire Vizlib Library. It’s day and night compared to the native KPI object.”

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Karel Lebr Data Engineer

Vizlib Library is an amazing product and enhancement. I’m really enjoying the features like the Viztips – the little details that make our reports better and prettier, plus easier for the end user.

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Marten Louisse siness Intelligence Developer

The customer service is really good. We are really happy with that. When we have a problem, we know we can always address it. Plus, the follow-ups are really good.

How do you get more out of your Qlik investment?

04 2021 Customersuccess Icon Product Info

More than just visualizations

Elevate your Qlik investment with advanced solutions like Self-Service, Write-back, Finance, Gantt, and app customization.

04 2021 Customersuccess Icon Tipstricks

Seamless transition into Qlik Cloud

Elevate your Qlik Cloud analytics experience. Access 40+ user-friendly visualizations for Qlik Sense, with no-code integration and Qlik Cloud compatibility.

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Improved collaboration experience

Work seamlessly with your team using interactive write-back features. Edit data within your dashboards, leave comments, add notes, and share insights effortlessly through exports or embedded analytics.

Vizlib Library

Build better dashboards with Qlik Sense.

Vizlib Library delivers an incredibly intuitive user experience for everyone, not just developers. Teams save countless development hours by empowering users to transform data into storytelling and deliver data-driven business solutions.

With Vizlib Library, you get:

  • Vizlib Templates that you can design, save, and share with your teams
  • Advanced Analytics that let you run forecasts
  • Vizlib Actions that let you create a guided analytics experience
  • Vizlib Viztips that let you insert customized charts to create an intuitive drill-down experience
Vizlib Feat1 Library

Vizlib Self-Service

Empower users with next-level independent data exploration.

Vizlib Self-Service ensures all types of users can explore data independently, discover meaningful insights faster, and make data-driven decisions with confidence.

With Vizlib Self-Service, you get:

  • Vizlib Analytic Search that makes data exploration simple and intuitive
  • Customizable Preset Themes that let you produce stunning reports that integrate seamlessly with your brand or interface
  • Visualization inside Custom Reports that lets you convert data discoveries into visualizations for meaningful insights
Vizlib Feat2 Selfservice (1)

Vizlib Finance

A single source of truth for modern financial reporting.

Unleash the full potential of your financial data and make more informed decisions with Vizlib Finance. With this feature, you get:

  • Streamlined budgeting and forecasting, ensuring precise financial planning
  • Interactive financial reports that enable intuitive exploration and understanding
  • In-depth financial analysis tools for comprehensive insights
  • A user-friendly interface for effortless navigation and immediate proficiency
  • Real-time data updates, ensuring you're always working with the latest information
Vizlib Feat3 Finance

Vizlib Gantt

Add more flow to your planning in Qlik Sense.

Vizlib Gantt in Qlik Sense enhances your project management with intuitive planning, visualization, and control. It offers:

  • Visual Project Tracking: Easily view critical milestones for monitoring progress
  • Dynamic Task and Project Reports: Understand dependencies and priorities effectively
  • Resource Allocation: Swiftly manage resource allocation for smooth operations
  • Clear Visualizations: Identify trends, bottlenecks, and optimize workflows
  • Custom Milestones and Filters: Prioritize and track tasks and workflows efficiently
Vizlib Feat4 Gantt

Vizlib Collaboration

Go beyond just reporting in Qlik Sense.

Unlock Qlik Sense’s potential with Vizlib Collaboration. This robust tool empowers your data-driven journey, enabling real-time team discussions, data editing, and workflow management. Key features include:

  • Data Write-back: Edit, update, and comment on data directly in your dashboards
  • Input Form: Capture user input and add data in Qlik Sense apps
  • Server Integration: Transform data interaction and capture in your organization
  • Teamwork: Foster collective intelligence by uniting teams and data
Vizlib Feat5 Collab

Vizlib Live!

Infuse direct queries into Qlik Sense.

Unlock the potential of Qlik Sense with Vizlib Live!, a powerful tool offering direct query insights from your Data Cloud to your In-Memory data. Here’s what you get:

  • Seamlessly combine In-Memory data with live insights from your Data Cloud
  • Effortlessly access and explore your data from sources like Snowflake, Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, and Postgres in near real-time
  • Continue using Qlik Sense's associative logic while gaining access to a rich set of visualizations for unmatched customization
Vizlib Feat6 Live (1)
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Un/Solved: How Vizlib Finance Enables Resilient, Collaborative Go-To-Market Strategies

Explore the changing role of Finance in shaping organizational strategies

Discover how an effective Finance team can drive strategy and decision-making across your business, and dive into the changing role of finance in shaping organizational strategies, especially during uncertain and rapidly changing times.

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