Take Control of Your Deltek Reporting Process

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Automate Manual Deltek Reporting Processes

When you need more control over how you present your data, how you eliminate time-consuming data extracts, and manual reformatting and manipulation in Excel.

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Simplify Your Most Complex Reports

When you need to report across multiple Deltek modules. For example, pull from across the general ledger, vendors ledger, and accounts receivables ledger to create a billings and expenses report by project.

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Go Beyond Static Report Distribution

When you need to give project managers more than static PDF reports, so they can drill into the details of their project performance and answer their follow-up questions themselves.

Streamline Your Deltek Financial, Project, and Cost Reporting

Simplify Data Access

Whether you are using Costpoint, Maconomy, Vantagepoint, WorkBook, ComputerEase, Ajera, Vision or Vision Cloud, access real-time data directly from in the familiar environment of Microsoft Excel. Build custom reports and dashboards, across any Deltek module, in minutes, without requiring help from IT or consultants, for cash flow, profitability, job costs, utilization rates, etc. Build once then refresh, change parameters, and drill into the detail whenever you need. Reports that previously took hours, are now available in seconds.

Simplify Deltek Data Access

Shrink Deltek Reporting Cycles

With real-time access to data, you can speed up time- critical financial processes. Immediately validate that an adjusting entry has been posted correctly. Drill into balances, journal entries, and subledger transactions to fix reconciliation, trial balance, or data integrity issues. Review costs over periods of time to track performance. Quickly search for financial information, such as invoice numbers, job listings, aging, cost, billings, and more. Transform Excel reports into interactive, web reports for easy distribution around your organization.

Shrink Deltek Reporting Cycles

See Results Fast

Unlike lengthy business intelligence tool installs and upgrades, insightsoftware solutions installs in hours. An intuitive user interface, easy data integration, and self-help systems enable business users to get up to speed fast and answer their own questions, without waiting on IT. By leveraging the same security built into your Deltek system, you can be confident users will only see data they are authorized to view. Seventy-four percent of insightsoftware customers agreed that their solution was up and running quickly enough to provide measurable benefits by the next reporting cycle.

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05 2021 Ss Webinar Modernize Your Finance & Project Reporting With Live Deltek Data Rsc

Modernize Your Finance & Project Reporting With Live Deltek Data – In Excel

Are your current reporting processes contributing to your business success? Deltek and insightsoftware recently partnered to provide a turnkey financial and project-based reporting solution with a live integration to Deltek ERPs.

No more waiting on IT, no more manually dumping data into cumbersome spreadsheets, and no more back and forth between Deltek and Excel. Instead, you’ll find Excel-based access to real-time Deltek data that automatically refreshes at the click of a button and provides you drill down to journal level detail. Watch this on-demand webinar to see how easy it can be to automate reporting, create stunning visual dashboards, and save hundreds of hours of time each year – all with a solution that can be implemented in less than a week.

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“Spreadsheet Server vastly reduced the amount of time we take to produce reports, freeing up time for higher-level tasks.”

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