Accessing Your Oracle EPM Cloud Data is Hard

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Reporting Deadlines are Constantly Postponed

The number of hours your finance team spends on consolidating data, reconciling numbers, and formatting reports could be better spent on data analysis and business strategy.

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Data Exports and Manual Manipulations are Inefficient

When skilled resources spend too much time chasing down the data loads needed to feed Excel tables manually, the final result is not always reliable information on which to base your decisions.

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Your Oracle Reporting Environment is Complex

Out-of-the-box Oracle EPM Cloud reporting tools tend to require IT expertise and involvement to manage. Waiting on IT to help with specific reports can cause major delays for your finance team.

Gain Flexibility Throughout Your Reporting Process while Leveraging Oracle EPM Cloud Data

Access Your Oracle EPM Cloud Data Anywhere

Financial reporting software that drives standardization and efficiency across the organization has never been more important. Our financial web-based and mobile reports and dashboards offer in-depth actionable insights to enhance productivity, making data available anytime, anywhere, no matter what device you’re using.

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Share Your Financial Story

Our software addresses key financial capabilities and enables finance professionals to build dynamic, interactive reports and dashboards for quick, informed decision making. Experience fully drillable dashboards and out-of-the-box best practice reports, including commentary and narratives, guided analysis, and collaboration features, to tell your story.

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Integrated Security and Data Governance

Gain greater flexibility throughout the reporting process while leveraging the source system’s hierarchies and dimensionality. insightsoftware’s multidimensional and interactive reporting and analytics solutions are built for Oracle EPM Cloud and directly connect to PBCS, EPBCS, FCCS, and OAC.

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How To Compare Bi

How to Compare Reporting & BI Solutions

Reporting and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions begin and end with data — not just how the data is collected, but also how it is stored, organized, and accessed. With a saturated market full of solutions to choose from, you need to have a clear understanding of your data needs before you start comparing your options.

In this white paper,

  • What to look for in reporting and / or BI software.
  • You will learn the reasons why a reporting and BI solution is essential for growth
  • How to avoid reporting and BI solution implementation failure

To assist with your software selection process and help you find a solution that fits your current ERP system and IT infrastructure, we have also created a framework for evaluating third party solutions.

You need to have a clear understanding of your data needs before you start comparing your options.

Work with the #1 Financial Reporting and Business Intelligence Vendor for Oracle

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“Several years on from implementation, performance reporting at McDonald’s Deutschland has risen to new levels.”

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