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At insightsoftware, our focus during the COVID-19 crisis is to protect the health of our employees and continue to meet the needs of our customers. To those ends, all of our global teams are working remotely in accordance with guidelines from international, national, state, and local authorities. Despite being away from the office, however, we continue to conduct business as usual on behalf of current and future customers. We’re proud that our software empowers teams to work through these challenges.

Resource Working Capital Turbulence

Working Capital Management During Times of Economic Turbulence

Businesses rarely fail because they are unprofitable. More often than not, failure is due to poor cash flow or inadequate working capital. The risk is real for every business from entrepreneur to established. And it’s magnified during recessions or a sudden economic shock, but reducing this risk is possible.

Download this free whitepaper to learn more about the four main levers you can use to manage working capital, and how and when is the right time to use each of them:

  1. Tightening cash flow management discipline
  2. Reducing working capital requirements
  3. Bolstering cash position
  4. Exploiting short-term revenue opportunities

Resources to Help

CARES Act: Tax Checklist

The passage of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES) could have a material financial impact to your business, especially in the area of direct tax. Can your organization take advantage of changes in the treatment of NOL’s and the ability to employ carrybacks to pre TCJA statutory rates?

Download our CARES Act checklist below which outlines questions CFO’s should consider when analyzing the relevant tax changes.

Covid Cares Act
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Embrace Continuous Planning To Adapt To Continuous Change

The world is undergoing rapid change. Now more than ever, Finance teams need to stay agile and adapt to rapidly changing business conditions. At the same time, they need to remain robust and fully in control of their figures. How do you use your financial planning and reporting tools to maximize performance during uncertain times?

Real-Time ERP Reporting Overview in 20 Minutes

Check out this quick 20-min demo of how Spreadsheet Server can help your finance team get access to accurate, easily refreshable data, all within Excel.

20 Mins