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Current Ratio Model

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The current ratio is the perfect example of why some performance indicators are more important than others. Tracking this ratio closely provides decision-makers with a crucial measurement of their liquidity, literally measuring the amount of gas left in the tank.

The current ratio can also be used to benchmark a company against others in the same industry, revealing how it ranks when compared to the competition. To put it bluntly, without knowing the current ratio, companies don’t know much at all.

Tracking metrics like this used to require hours of work manipulating data. As a result, companies only occasionally checked on their current ratios. But with solutions from insightsoftware, they can start tracking it continuously.

The spreadsheet demonstrates what our data-driven dashboards look like and how they contextualize data. Change any of the figures in blue and watch how the overview of the current ratio throughout the entire year changes.

Now imagine having access to this dashboard and having all the data update itself automatically. With insightsoftware’s solutions your ERP / EPM can be connected to feed in data automatically to have the most up-to-date data at your fingertips. Discover how easy it can be by downloading this free asset.

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