Take Control of Your NetSuite Reporting Process

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Eliminate your IT Dependency

Empower business users to build the reports they need in minutes with the Excel skills they already have. A library of pre-built, turnkey content makes reporting across all NetSuite modules fast and effortless.

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Simplify Complex NetSuite Reporting Tasks

Create accurate, up-to-date reports for a prior period without relying on snapshotted data or multiple data dumps. Easily produce period-on-period analysis reports (e.g., month-by-month balance sheets) and refresh them in seconds. View all of your information, joined across any number of NetSuite data elements, in a single place.

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Gain More Insights from NetSuite Data

Easily drill from summary to balances, journals, and subledgers to find and fix reconciliation and data integrity issues immediately. With near real-time integration, you’ll have access to up-to-date, accurate information for all your month-end close needs.

Simplify Report Writing and Data Analysis in NetSuite with No Technical Expertise Required

Self-Service Financial and Operational Reporting for NetSuite in Excel

When everyone has access to accurate, easily refreshable information and the ability to create and share their own reports, the possibilities are endless. Bring your data to life with Spreadsheet Server, an easy-to-use reporting solution for NetSuite. Designed to reduce the reliance on IT and admins by allowing business users to work in the familiar Excel environment, Spreadsheet Server comes pre-configured for GL reporting out of the box and enables you to build reports against any NetSuite module in minutes.

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Automate Key Financial Processes

Give your finance team the tools they need to close month-end quickly, perform ad hoc analysis, and reconcile accounts. Streamline and automate even your most complex financial reporting tasks. Drill from summary to balances, transactions, and sub-ledgers to find and fix variances and data integrity issues, fast. Report across multiple companies and multiple currencies to create consolidated income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow forecasts formatted exactly how you like. Leverage the same data security built into NetSuite to avoid duplicated admin effort and to ensure users only see the data they are authorized to view. With Spreadsheet Server, it’s easy to obtain, analyze, share, and present essential financial information when and how you need it.

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Keep Your Data Secure

insightsoftware leverages the same data security built into NetSuite, ensuring that users only see the data they are authorized to view. With an easy, lightweight installation, this won’t be another complex software project.

Get Up And Running Fast

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Cloud Based Reporting

Oracle NetSuite: Enhancing Cloud-Based Reporting

When it comes to financial and operational reporting, NetSuite provides a suite of standardized reports out of the box. But like many ERP systems, NetSuite’s strengths lie in its built-in flexibility to support an organization’s major transactional business processes, not in its reporting capabilities. So when finance and operations teams need more reporting flexibility, customization, and control regarding their NetSuite data, what options are available?

Download this whitepaper to learn more about:

  • Differences between NetSuite Native Reports and Saved Searches, and why they aren’t meeting the needs of finance and operations
  • Why modern BI tools still require workarounds to deliver financial and operational reporting
  • How to move beyond traditional reporting solutions

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