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Creating Financial Reports Over SAP BW Data is Difficult


You Rely on IT to Create and Manage Report

Business Explorer (BEx) is the native reporting tool for SAP BW. BEx Web Application Designer and BEx Report Design leave you dependent on specialist IT resources to access the data you need. Even the Excel-based BEx Analyzer still requires IT to set-up queries against your InfoProvider and doesn’t provide the filtering, navigation, or presentation flexibility needed to support the needs of C-Level executives.


Your Financial Reporting Process is Manual and Error-Prone

With the lack of a suitable financial reporting tool for SAP BW, your finance team resorts to spending a disproportionate amount of time on manual processes (like data exports and finding errors in Excel spreadsheets), in relation to the time available for data analysis and strategic decision-making. Furthermore, without a reliable single source of truth, you lack crucial consistency in your data and reports.


You Lack Effective Workflows for Collaboration

You spend endless days manually gathering commentaries from various cost centers and managers in order to build a cohesive narrative around your financial report pack. With numerous follow-up efforts and explanatory emails back and forth, you’re left with a blurry image of what should be a consistent financial reporting narrative.

Improve Your Financial Reporting in SAP Business Warehouse

Enable Self-Service Reporting

While the storage and structure of your SAP BW data is under control, you need a reporting tool that can understand your financial data and their hierarchies. Instead of depending on the technical skills of your IT team, or an error-prone manual process, enable finance team members to create and manage both single reports and report packs. With highly flexible, best practice reporting templates along with a free-format template, you can get up and running fast, and easily create the dashboards you need to meet all your reporting requirements.

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Report Confidently Over a Single Source of Truth

Instead of relying on manual spreadsheets in which you have to validate sheet-by-sheet to ensure each report is accurate, work with a solution that centralizes and builds absolute trust in the numbers you present. With a single source of truth for all your financial reporting and analysis needs, your team can create professional, financially intelligent reports and dashboards that reflect your true figures.

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Boost Collaboration and Reduce Unnecessary Question

Stimulate collaboration and engagement with integrated commentary and live chat functionality to capture the story behind your numbers, without having to send endless emails back and forth. By presenting clear, easy-to-understand board packs including an accompanying narrative to the executive team, you eliminate a great deal of ad hoc information requests, and can instead focus on presenting the important figures in context.

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Executives today are under increasing pressure to interpret data quickly and accurately to support their decision making. This means having last month’s reporting from their finance team within the first week of the new month. This quick turnaround not only puts pressure on the finance team but could also result in lower-quality and inaccurate reporting. To find out how you can avoid these pitfalls and get the reporting you need, download our whitepaper today.

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