Do You Regularly Struggle with These Financial Planning Challenges?


Siloed and Inaccurate Data

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Outdated Plans That Are Disconnected from Reality

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Inability to Adapt to Quickly Shifting Markets

Unlike your current planning process...

Tidemark helps medium and large enterprises transform their business with cloud-based planning, forecasting, and analytic applications that work for everyone and on any device. To achieve this, Tidemark extends planning beyond the CFO’s office to the front lines of every business decision maker. Its powerful and scalable platform integrates with your own business processes, rather than forcing you into a legacy cube structure or database. The result? Every decision maker is empowered—from finance to operations and business line managers—with better data, deeper analysis, and a richer experience, thereby enabling financial intelligence for the enterprise.

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Tidemark Earns Top Rankings in BARC’s The Planning Survey 20

Download your free copy of The Planning Survey 20 and discover why Tidemark earned four top rankings and nine leading positions in the latest version of the world’s largest and most comprehensive independent survey of planning and budgeting software.

Over 20 pages of detailed analysis and commentary of Tidemark covering:

  • Users and use case demographics
  • Support and implementation
  • Planning content
  • Workflow
  • Driver-based planning
  • Sales experience
  • Competitiveness

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Integrate and extend your planning processes for more connected, proactive, and empowered teams.

Put Your Business First

Configure Tidemark according to your business processes so you don’t need to conform to inflexible software, cubes, or spreadsheets.

Make Finance a Participation Sport

Make it simple for everyone to get information, answer questions, collaborate, and participate in the decision-making process.

Run in the Now, Impact the Future

Run your most complicated scenarios and calculations in real time with a fast computational engine and rich data integration.

Key Features of Our Top-Rated Financial Planning Software

Dynamic Modeling

Model faster and more accurately

  • Single model with N-dimensions
  • Computational modeling without code
  • Compare modeling what-if scenarios
  • Item-level planning
  • Agility to change on the fly
Tidemark Dynamic Modeling

In-Line Analytics

Analyze data and uncover contextual insights within your planning processes

  • Conduct variance analysis with collaborative commentary capabilities
  • Drill down to operational details behind financial metrics
  • Analyze data across intersecting hierarchies without reconfiguration
  • Create visual narratives to communicate business performance
Tidemark In Line Analytics

Workflow Management

Align the team while shortening your planning and budgeting cycles

  • Easily map your processes with configurable approval gates
  • Collaborate with your team without leaving the context of your planning process
  • Automate your key planning tasks to minimize errors and speed up the process
Tidemark Workflow Management

Scalable Architecture

Secure, scalable, and elastic infrastructure

  • Leverage our multi-tenant, elastic cloud architecture that scales as you grow
  • Connect to your data and reports on any mobile device
  • Rest easy, knowing your data is safe with our secure and trusted infrastructure
Tidemark Scalable Architecture
Tidemark Whitepaper Continuous Planning Rsc

Why Extended Planning and Analysis is a Necessity for Every Organization

Once- or twice-yearly financial planning activities that fail to incorporate operational data no longer cut it. Recent global events, like COVID-19 and ongoing trade wars, have only underlined the need for organizations to be more agile, up-to-date, and comprehensive with their plans.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn how to:

  • Spot the ways in which your annual and semi-annual financial plans are going stale
  • Break down the silos between your departments so that you can plan based on real operational data
  • More effectively explore potential business decisions through scenario modeling

Tidemark empowers your corporate financial planning team to focus on what they do best.

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"Tidemark gives us the functionality and flexibility to budget in the Workday data model and see the results at all levels of the organization.”

Susan Howitt Associate Vice President for Budget and Planning at Brown University View Customer Story

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