Does Your Current Budgeting Process Feel Disorganized?

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ERP Isn’t Designed to Control the Budgeting Process

Between design, collaboration, approvals, and execution, there are numerous moving parts to the budgeting process that start before you can get the numbers into your ERP solution.

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Manual Spreadsheets are Full of Errors and Difficult to Reconcile

Excel is a familiar tool, but disparate spreadsheets can’t be regulated. When you manually input data across multiple spreadsheets, you create errors and inconsistencies that are hard to resolve, and compiling data becomes a full-time job.

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High-Value Resources are Burning Time on Ineffective Tasks

A chaotic, disorganized approach to budgeting takes time from managers and executives who should be building and executing effective strategies, not collecting and reconciling spreadsheets.

Reduce Budget and Planning Cycle Times by up to 70%

Simplify Budget Entry and Approval

Use the familiarity of Excel to simplify budget creation. Centrally define spread methods and budget rules with insightsoftware’s portfolio of budgeting and planning software. With an intuitive, Excel, and web-based interface that automates checks and balances and controls the budget workflow, you can dynamically distribute workbooks to each entity for completion and easy consolidation.

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Improve Your Financial Performance

Accommodate your budgeting method and changing financial priorities. Our budgeting and planning solutions will give you real answers on performance. Gain the flexibility to reassess and adjust budgets easily to meet your changing business needs and create and review budgets for different operational areas as required.

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Access Live ERP Actuals and Plans Side-By-Side

View actual-to-plan reports for accurate decision making through an Excel-based reporting platform that reduces redundant tasks and the risk of inaccuracy by eliminating error-prone copy, pasting, and exporting. Import your budgeting data directly to your ERP/EPM solution and seamlessly report on fiscal performance using customizable, pre-built report templates that are ready to use out of the box.

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Budgeting for Better Business Outcomes

Whether the fiscal planning process is an exciting time for you, or the idea of your next budgeting exercise leaves you cringing with the anxiety of chaos and long nights – this whitepaper will introduce you to the common budgeting approaches and challenges, while introducing ways to overcome them.


  • The structure of a functioning budget process
  • The current state of the budgeting process for most small-to-medium sized businesses
  • The risks in the most common approaches to budgeting and how to overcome them

And more!

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“I have saved 75 percent of my time that was previously spent on reporting, analysis, and reconciliations. Instead of wasting time creating the data, I now spend my time analyzing that data."

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