The Role of Finance Has Changed

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Manual Reporting is Affecting Your Bottom Line

The task of copying and pasting is error-prone, time-consuming, and can tarnish trust in your financial data. The process also takes valuable time away from your team, which limits their ability to perform critical analysis.

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Custom Reports are Expensive and Require IT's Time

When you rely on IT involvement for every report modifications or ad hoc report request, regular reporting becomes an unacceptably slow and costly practice that doesn’t suit a fast-paced environment.

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Finding the Answer to Your Questions Feels Impossible

It takes expertise and time to triage and drill down into data for root cause analysis. Most ERP/EPM solutions are overly technical, which can impact your ability to access the right data.

Get Accurate Financial Dashboards and Reports Faster

Maintain Trust in Your Financial Data

Be confident in the numbers you report. From financial dashboards to detailed financial statements with transaction-level drill-down details, insightsoftware gives you the tools you need to get any financial report you require, precisely the way you want to see it, and directly inside of Excel. You not only get full visibility into your numbers but a single version of the truth for real-time, accurate reporting as well.

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Unburden Your Finance Team with Self-Service Reporting

We’ve leveraged our deep financial expertise across all major ERP and EPM systems to provide a robust library of pre-built, flexible financial reports based on the best practices and the unique needs of the finance team. Your finance team can use them immediately or easily customize them inside of Excel.

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Plan Your Next Move with Accurate Insight

For businesses to drive forward, CFOs and executives need precise insight, when and where they want. Now you can leverage all of your financial data to get projected income statements and an accurate look at who is buying, how much, and when. We also offer add-on solutions for planning and budgeting that automate and streamline budgeting development and approval processes.

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5 Excel Shortcuts

If You Don’t Know These 5 Excel Tips You’re Wasting a Lot of Time

Excel is the lifeblood of so many finance professionals. Stay on the top of your Excel game by downloading our free ebook: “5 Excel Shortcuts Every Finance Manager Should Know.”

Learn How to:
• “Flash Fill” cells with data you need
• Create drop down lists
• Use real shortcuts to eliminate errors and save you time
• And more…

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“I have saved 75 percent of my time that was previously spent on reporting, analysis, and reconciliations. Instead of wasting time creating the data, I now spend my time analyzing that data."

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