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You Can’t Create the Reports You Need with Your SAP BPC Data


SAP BPC Isn’t Designed for Financial Reporting

While SAP BPC is a powerful system built to capture and consolidate data, it wasn’t specifically designed for complete financial reporting. Web Client lets you create simple grid-based reports, but is too limited and inflexible to provide C-level executives with the information they need to respond to fast-changing market conditions and business needs.


Other Reporting and BI Software Tools Are Too Complex

Beyond Web Client, SAP Business Objects offers richer reporting possibilities for BPC customers by connecting though BEx Query Designer, which is part of SAP BW. However, this involves the long, drawn-out implementation of a large, complex BI platform. Once implemented, finance teams are still dependent on IT for much of their reporting, and so struggle to respond and adapt to changing business needs.


You’re Stuck in a Cycle of Static Reporting

Without a proper reporting tool, many finance teams rely on dumping data from BPC into Excel—a cumbersome, error-prone, manual process in which they struggle to meet tight deadlines and ever-rising quality benchmarks. Besides finance wasting time on manual tasks, C-Level decision-makers are left with limited, static, and sometimes erroneous data presentations, without the appropriate context needed to make decisions.

Opt for a Financial Reporting Tool Purpose Built for SAP BPC

Report Over a Single Source of Truth

Integrate easily with SAP BPC and be sure that it’s your consolidated single source of truth for financial reporting. Avoid expensive financial data warehouse solutions by opting for a purpose-built reporting and analysis solution specifically designed for finance teams. Get up and running fast with minimal IT impact and lower your reporting costs with up to 80 percent.

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Use a Purpose-Built Strategic Financial Reporting Software Tool for SAP BPC

Empower your finance team to create and manage their own SAP BPC reports. Enable them to create professional, financially-intelligent reports and dashboards to share with executive teams in a clear and effective manner. Eliminate data reconciliation and manual activities. Save time by automating standard reporting and distribution.

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Communicate the Story Behind Your Numbers

Give executive decision-makers the information they need in the form of rich, dynamic, report packs that update automatically, eliminate manual effort, and enable report users to find the information they need fast. Stimulate collaboration and engagement with commentary and live chat functionality to capture the story behind your numbers. Consolidate report commentaries quickly and easily and track them with an audit trail to support your governance and compliance needs.

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Agile Reporting: Speed with Control

Ingredients for Twenty-First Century Financial and Performance Reporting Success

Executives today are under increasing pressure to interpret data quickly and accurately to support their decision making. This means having last month’s reporting from their finance team within the first week of the new month. This quick turnaround not only puts pressure on the finance team but could also result in lower-quality and inaccurate reporting. To find out how you can avoid these pitfalls and get the reporting you need, download our whitepaper today.

Work with the #1 Financial Reporting Vendor for SAP Business Planning and Consolidation

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