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Effortless Equity: Accuracy, Efficiency, Growth

Our robust equity management solutions help you manage equity administration, improving accuracy, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency. Whether you’re a private or public company, enjoy automated accounting, streamlined administration, cap table management, and secure shareholder engagement.

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The Complete Solution for Your Accounting & Treasury Needs

insightsoftware’s suite of accounting and treasury solutions enables you to simplify your financial process and improve business operations with smart automation, data integration, and robust reporting solutions.

Certent Equity Management Product

Certent Equity Management

Equity management software and administration services for public and private companies.

  • Simplified web-based platform for complete SEC, FASB, and IFRS calculations
  • Enterprise-grade accounting calculations and reporting
  • Support for end-to-end exercise and settlement process
Rochelle Tolon CEP, Senior Stock Administrator
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"Certent Equity Management is easy to use, it is easy to administer data, and the support team is very courteous and responsive. The help section is really helpful."

Jeff Gould Corporate Secretary
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Certent Equity Management keeps the cap table accurate and allows me to provide accurate ownership information to the management team and shareholders quickly

Roles & Industries

The Impact of Equity Management in Various Industries

Equity management is a cornerstone in diverse industries, optimizing ownership structures and catalyzing business growth across roles.


Equity management involves handling company shares or ownership stakes. It includes processes like granting stock options, vesting schedules, and managing employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs). 

Employees should stay informed about their equity grants, understand vesting schedules, and consider tax implications. Diversifying investments beyond company stock is also essential. 

Modern equity management software automates processes, saving time for finance, HR, and legal teams 

Equity compensation is essential for attracting and retaining talent. Efficient equity management ensures accurate record-keeping, compliance, and smooth processes during company growth. 

Granting share options: Distributing new equity grants to team members. This includes specifying details like grant owner’s name, number of share options, grant date, strike price, vesting schedule, and expiration date. 

Cap table management: Handling complex scenarios involving different share classes and preferences. Managing the cap table ensures accurate ownership representation during liquidity events (e.g., sales or public listings).