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5 Dashboards Every Business Needs

Every enterprise dashboard is an asset. Each one provides a helpful window into the most complex processes facing a business. By synthesizing information into an accessible format, dashboards provide an insightful, intuitive view into everything the business does. At...

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The Top 5 Accounts Receivable KPIs You Should Be Tracking

Tracking the performance of your accounts receivable helps your financial organization understand what's working well and what needs improvement. Monitoring your A/R metrics closely is the first step toward improving business performance. However, there are dozens of...

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What Agile Financial Organizations Have in Common

Have you ever reviewed a monthly profit and loss report and asked a basic question such as, “Why are sales under budget this month,” and received no answer, or several different answers? Unfortunately, it happens often. Businesses rely on data to manage operations and...

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How to Build a More Agile Financial Organization

What will the economy be like in 18 months, five years, or a decade? If you asked ten different people, you would get 30 different answers. We're operating in a time of incredible uncertainty. Right now, there is a confluence of forces challenging traditional...

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How to Make Insights More Actionable

We hear a lot about bad data—information that is full of errors, omissions, and inconsistencies. What doesn't get talked about enough is underwhelming data—information that fails to produce the insights and actionable plans decision makers are looking for....

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How to Optimize Your ERP Reporting Quickly and Easily

Why is ERP reporting so important? Because, as the saying goes, the past is prologue. Analyzing ERP data empowers companies to develop proactive plans, future forecasts, and sophisticated strategies. At least it could, in theory. A wealth of data demonstrates that...

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BI in 2019: Where BI is Headed and Why

Recent research shows that data-driven business intelligence (BI) has become an indispensable asset to today's companies. A survey conducted by NewVantage Partners showed that 97.2 percent of the executives who responded are actively investing in big data and...

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