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Blog What Is Big Data Analytics

Who Needs Big Data Analytics Software?

Of all the transformative effects the internet has had on the world of business, none is more dramatic than the proliferation of data it has…

Blog Competitor Overview Top 7

Building the Ultimate Sales Dashboard

We all know that data is the key to actionable decision making. In a fast-paced job like sales, you are surrounded by it. From gathering…

Blog Future Of Ai In Enterprise

The Future of AI in the Enterprise

The business world is at an inflection point when it comes to the application of Artificial Intelligence (or AI). While the technology behind enabling computers…

Blog How To Build Best In Class Cfo Dashboards

How to Build Best-in-Class CFO Dashboards

A recent survey conducted by Grant Thornton International offers important insights about the mindset of today's CFOs. Almost all the respondents (95%) agree that finance…

Blog Epm Reporting Best Practices

EPM Reporting Best Practices for 2019

Performance either fuels or inhibits growth. That's important to keep in mind in the context of a recent Gartner survey showing that growth is the…

Blog Bi Demand Forcasting

Using Business Intelligence in Demand Forecasting

With major advances being made in artificial intelligence and machine learning, businesses are investing heavily in advanced analytics to get ahead of the competition and increase their bottom line. One…