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Elevate Insights: How Embedded Analytics Boost Decision Intelligence

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In today’s data-driven world, application and development teams are facing a growing demand to empower their users with greater decision intelligence. This means equipping users with the tools and insights they need to make informed choices. By incorporating features that analyze data, identify trends, and generate recommendations, applications can become more than just productivity tools; they can transform into strategic decision-making partners.

If you want to empower your users to make better decisions, advanced analytics features are crucial. These include artificial intelligence (AI) for uncovering hidden patterns, predictive analytics to forecast future trends, natural language querying for intuitive exploration, and formulas for customized analysis. By providing these tools, your users can transform their raw data into actionable intelligence, driving data-driven business decisions.

Boost Your Application’s Decision-Making Value with Embedded Analytics

The advanced analytics you need to boost customer intelligence and build competitive advantage can be found in embedded analytics software. This technology tackles the traditional data overload by integrating analytical tools directly within your users’ workflow. No more switching between applications or relying on separate data specialists.

Embedded analytics empowers your application with features like AI and natural language querying, allowing users to uncover hidden insights and ask questions of their data in plain English. This intuitive approach cuts through technical barriers, transforming even non-technical users into data-savvy decision makers.

Advanced Analytics Functionality to Unveil Hidden Insights

Logi Symphony allows you to perform on-the-fly data modeling to swiftly adapt and integrate complex datasets directly within your existing applications. This eliminates the need for extensive pre-processing or specialized technical knowledge, enabling users of all skill levels to derive meaningful insights quickly and efficiently. Embedded analytics software like Logi Symphony bridges this gap by seamlessly integrating powerful tools within their existing workflows. Enable your users to uncover hidden patterns with advanced AI, predict trends with ease, and ask questions in plain English. No more complex formulas – Logi Symphony lets your users create custom calculations for deep dives. Your customers will be able to transform data into actionable insights, driving business success. It’s not just about data, it’s about empowering your users to leverage it.

Logi Symphony Customer Experience: Brivo, a leader in cloud-based security platforms, recognized a gap in their offering. Customers needed a way to analyze their security data for better decision-making. This meant functionalities like predictive analytics to anticipate risks and in-depth reporting to identify suspicious activity. However, building this feature in-house wasn’t feasible. Logi Symphony by insightsoftware emerged as the ideal solution. By embedding analytics directly within Brivo’s platform, Logi Symphony provided users with actionable insights and a user-friendly interface. This empowered Brivo’s customers to transform raw data into valuable security intelligence, ultimately strengthening their physical security measures.

“With the amount of knowledge and industry that we’ve married with this kind of data visualization from insightsoftware, Brivo is literally changing the game for access control.” – Kerstin Demko, Vice President of Marketing, Brivo

Navigating the Future: Generative AI, Application Analytics, and Data

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Simplify Content Creation

Traditional analytics tools often require specialized skills and dedicated software to create insightful reports. This presents a hurdle for non-technical users who have valuable insights locked away in their data. With Logi Symphony, your users create insightful reports and visualizations directly within their workflow, eliminating the need to export data and struggle with separate platforms. Logi Symphony empowers users through features like drag-and-drop dashboards, pre-built templates, and intuitive interfaces. This shift in focus allows your users to concentrate on the story their data tells rather than wrestling with complex data manipulation techniques. By simplifying data analysis, Logi Symphony helps your customers foster a data-driven culture and enables users to become data storytellers and leverage the full potential of their information.

Logi Symphony Customer Experience: Karmak, a provider of business management solutions for the transportation industry, faced challenges keeping up with customer demand for modern BI capabilities. Their legacy reporting platform, Business Intelligence, relied on a “bolt-on” approach that made updates cumbersome. Logi Symphony offered a solution. By embedding Logi Symphony, Karmak could provide the same functionality with a modernized user interface. Logi Symphony’s out-of-the-box features like data joining and multi-platform support further enhanced the solution. Importantly, its ease of use empowers Karmak’s diverse user base, from executives to technicians, to create data visualizations and reports tailored to their needs.

“We’re getting a range of feedback so far that the look and feel of the solution and the ease of building dashboards and charts is really a step ahead.” – Greg Gardner, Manager of Reports Development, Karmak

Build More Compelling Data-Driven Applications

In the back end, Logi Symphony also enables your application team to craft more compelling data-driven experiences. By seamlessly integrating features like drag-and-drop dashboards, interactive visualizations, and real-time data updates directly within your application, Logi Symphony encourages user exploration. This not only improves data accessibility but also allows your users to manipulate and analyze information in context. With features like customizable dashboards and pre-built templates, your team can cater to diverse user needs and skillsets, boosting your competitive advantage in a challenging market.

Logi Symphony Customer Experience: Faced with the challenge of enabling users to report on archived data, Informatica turned to Logi Symphony. Logi Symphony’s embedded reporting capabilities integrated seamlessly within Informatica’s Data Archive, empowering users with an intuitive self-service reporting tool. This increased report generation by 80%, not only improving data accessibility but also creating new revenue streams for Informatica through pre-built report packages. By offering a compelling data-driven experience, Logi Symphony helped Informatica turn archived data into a valuable asset for their customers.

“Logi Symphony is a lightweight solution that doesn’t require a lot of training or ongoing management. It’s an intuitive self-service alternative to other complex reporting solutions that gives our customers more flexibility and agility in their daily work while significantly increasing the value of our products.” – Mukesh Marodia, Principal Product Manager, Informatica

Elevate Your Application With Logi Symphony

Offering advanced analysis through AI integration, Logi Symphony provides predictive analytics by augmenting data with built-in, single click formula support for predictive forecasting and clustering. Logi Symphony’s AI-powered analytics delivers measurable scalability and security while helping you minimize AI-related risks and deliver rich BI with custom dashboards and visualizations your users can rely on.

With Logi Symphony, meet any demand regardless of user experience and technical skill with:

  • Modern data discovery and embedded self-service.
  • Managed interactive dashboards and pixel-perfect reporting.
  • Open API and extensibility enabled development of a new custom BI experience.

Want to learn more? Download our whitepaper “Embedded Analytics: A Force Multiplier for Business” to learn the possibilities for embedded analytics to drive real value for your business.

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Embedded Analytics: A Force Multiplier for Business

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