Your Microsoft Dynamics GP Data Should Never be Hard to Access

Microsoft Dynamics Gp Microsoft Dynamics Gp Data Is Dificult

Compiling Your Data Is Difficult

Microsoft Dynamics GP for GL (another database for sales and purchase orders, legacy systems, and Excel) running reports from five different data sources and not being able to do it on your own is costing you valuable time and prohibiting necessary insight and analysis.

Microsoft Dynamics Gp Microsoft Dynamics Gp Sql Reports Are Expensive

Custom SQL Coded GP Reports Are Expensive

You want to get the data your way, when you need them, without them costing a fortune. When you can’t create new reports or make modifications to existing ones, you’re forced to rely on technical specialists and consultants.

Microsoft Dynamics Gp Microsoft Dynamics Gp Too Many Reporting Solutions

There Are Too Many Reporting Solutions

When users have too many places to go, from Management Reporter to SQL, it takes you that much more time to bring your data together manually, and it becomes next to impossible to manage and train employees to execute reporting functions.

Financial Reporting, Corporate Analytics, and Collaborative Budgeting Build for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Understand Your True Financial Position

insightsoftware’s reporting, BI, and budgeting solutions are built to give you fast and accurate financial information, easily. From financial overview dashboards to detailed financial statements, you will get any financial report you need, exactly the way you want to see it, directly inside of Excel.

Operations Feature 1

Drive Your Business Forward

You need to know where the money comes from, and that requires bringing in information from multiple sources. Our software empowers CEOs and Executives with the accurate sales insight they need, when and where they want, so your business can remain competitive.

Business Central Feature 5

Streamline the Budgeting Process

Avoid time-consuming, error-prone, and redundant budgeting processes without the need for over-complex or over-inflated tools that take months to implement and eat up resources. Finally, a simple and easy-to-use budgeting solution made for your business and your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution.
Sample Reports:

Jet Hub Feature 2 3

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How To Compare Reporting & BI Solutions

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