Manually Exporting Data from Infor into Excel is Inefficient and Prone to Errors

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Manual Processes are Time-Consuming

Manual data exports, consolidation, and manipulation take too much away from other value-added business activities, like financial analysis and strategic planning.

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No Single Source of Truth for Reporting

When Infor doesn’t talk to your other databases, it’s difficult to coordinate reporting across multiple systems. As a result, you don’t have an accurate picture of your performance.

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IT Skills Required to Perform Regular Financial Tasks

Infor is built to collect data, not report on them. You need experienced developers on hand to help you access data and create or modify the reports you need.

Add the Power of Customized Reporting, Planning, and Analytics to Infor

Self-Service Reporting in Excel

Get a clear and accurate view of your entire operations with insightsoftware’s reporting solutions for Infor. With total data access, our easy-to-use software can help you empower non-technical users to create their own refreshable ERP reports, without complexities or IT involvement.

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Always Work with the Most Accurate Numbers

Give your entire organization access to the right data whenever they need them. Our reporting solutions seamlessly integrate with your Infor ERP and other databases to provide one single source for accurate reporting and data analysis.

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Easy to Learn and Quick to Implement

With fast installation and a familiar Excel-based user interface, you can start accessing data easily and building reports and dashboards in less than a week. Whatever you need, we offer reporting and analytics built to work with Infor.

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Top 10 Best Practices For Reporting

Top 10 Best Practices for Reporting in Excel

From financial statements to annual reports, accurate reporting is essential to the livelihood of your business. Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely used analysis tools, and most businesses use it to manage their data and create reports.

In this whitepaper, insightsoftware gives you 10 easy ways to improve your reporting practices in Excel.

You will learn

  • How to make your reports more interactive
  • Tune your reports for performance
  • Increase report usability through these tried and true techniques

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"Spreadsheet Server has been a tremendous asset for our organization, freeing up much time that would have otherwise been tied up in manual, cumbersome data entry. It has improved our efficiency and accuracy in much of our financial reporting."

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