Are Your Financial Processes Impeding Your Decision-making?

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You Can’t Create Custom Forms Without IT

Creating and modifying the reports and planning forms that you need require lengthy and costly interventions by IT or external consultants, which makes you lose time and ownership of your financial processes. Even the smallest changes can come with significant costs and delays. 

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The Bases of Your Decision-making are Unreliable

Simply extracting data from Infor Syteline will not enable you to perform effective planning, reporting, and analytics. Data collection and manipulation is a tediously manual task that compromises the accuracy of your forms and the decisions based on them. 

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You Spend Endless Hours Gathering and Manipulating Data 

When a large portion of your time is spent on data management, little time is left for crucial, value-adding tasks such as in-depth analysis and decision-making. Inefficient processes make you lose valuable time that could be spent elsewhere.

Flexible Planning, Reporting, and Consolidation for Finance Teams Using Infor Syteline

Real-time Reporting for the Manufacturing Industry

Connect to Live ERP Data

Connect your ERP data directly to live, refreshable reports in Excel with Spreadsheet Server. Accelerate reporting cycles by automating repetitive financial reporting processes. When conditions change, such as the addition of a new line item, reports update automatically. With a flexible, intuitive reporting tool, you don’t have to spend more time on manual work that doesn’t add real value.

Spend More Time on Analysis

Save time and resources by taking ownership of your reporting, without relying on external help. Create state-of-the-art, professional report packs using your existing Excel skills. Build the customized reports that you need – once – and connect to live data for real-time updates. Spend more time on analysis and decision-making, instead of manual data extraction and manipulation.

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Seamless Reporting for Complex Processes

Report over all your financial and operational data, no matter the complexity of your business. Combine GL and non-GL data from various source systems in one single report for a single source of truth. Easily drill into subledger details to find and fix issues quickly. Close your books faster by easily accessing the views that are the most helpful to your processes.

Quickly deliver critical manufacturing financial reports such as cost of good manufactured, statement of cash flow, plant throughput, gross margin analysis, inventory turnover, working capital analysis, capacity, downtime, and more, for up-to-date strategic decision-making.

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Plan Effectively Across the Entire Organization

Support your business by implementing a robust planning process for improved accuracy and shorter cycle times. Automate your planning tasks, requests, and workflows to reduce manual processes and improve team productivity. Monitor and update your forecasts year-round for deeper insights.

Integrate planning, budgeting, and forecasting across all departments for more accuracy and strategic impact. Use driver-based planning and advanced forecasting models for improved accuracy. Create sales budgets, production budgets, cost budgets, employee budgets, project budgets, purchase budgets, sales forecasts, cash flow forecasts, workforce planning, occupancy planning, high-level production planning, FTE planning, purchase planning, and much more.

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Support Complex Financial Consolidation and Close

Support all financial consolidation needs of even the most complex groups with audit ready, consolidation financial statements for financial divisions, subsidiaries, and the group company. Get more reliable insights and increased productivity during close cycles with proven, comprehensive, all-in-one consolidation software, including initial consolidation, deconsolidation, matrix consolidation, goodwill amortization, at-equity consideration, intercompany reconciliation, calculation of deferred taxes, late adjustments, and much more.

Improve speed and accuracy for your consolidation tasks with automated consolidation and decentralization of the close process. Prepare management consolidations and legal consolidations in parallel, even in different consolidation currencies, with multi-dimensional roll-ups matching business units and your legal corporate structure.

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How to Automate your Infor Reporting

Is your financial reporting held back by Infor’s limited Excel functionality? In today’s ever-changing, competitive business environment, it’s essential for finance leaders to be connected to live data in order to quickly make decisions. Having said that, many finance teams still find themselves in a never-ending cycle of data dumps, manual reconciliations, and waiting on IT to build reports. So, what’s missing from the current process?

The answer: automation. Without automation, finance teams struggle with unreliable static spreadsheets, inhibiting finance leaders from connecting the dots across the business and putting data into context. It’s time to stop making decisions on yesterday’s data. In this webinar, “Drive Faster Decisions with Automated Financial Reporting,” we explore:

  • The company-wide impacts of manual processes. From delays to data discrepancies in C-Level reports, learn how they may be impeding your company’s success and limiting finance leaders’ abilities to drive positive business outcomes.
  • How to build refreshable reports and dashboards. Quickly build comprehensive reports and sophisticated dashboards without relying on IT.
  • How to get up and running fast. Your reports shouldn’t be the only thing that’s automated—see how you can get a quick ROI with an easy implementation and pre-built reports to hit the ground running.

With the right tools, you could experience The Connect Effect firsthand and have access to automated and customizable reports at the click of a button.

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“Spreadsheet Server has allowed me more time to analyze data and less time extracting and reformatting it from JDE. ”

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