Is Your Yardi Reporting Dependent on Static Spreadsheets?

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Manual Reporting Processes are Tedious and Time- Consuming

Exporting and formatting your data in Excel isn’t just something you do once at month-end. You’re stuck in a constant cycle of exporting and formatting not just every month, but every time you find that a new journal entry has been added, or an adjustment made. Dumping static data into Excel also means you’re having to flip back and forth into Yardi to investigate a trial balance when there’s an unexpected number, or when you’re reconciling accounts.

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You Struggle to Create the Most Critical Reports

Rent roll reports, tenant data, bank reconciliations, percent occupancy, aged delinquency reports, and balance sheets that show year-over-year comparison views—these reports and data need to be at your fingertips. But instead, you may find that building what seems like a relatively simple report, even one that has a template in Yardi, now depends on multiple queries and stitching together multiple reports into a spreadsheet. Worse, if new journal entries are posted, you’re having to re-run each report and rebuild from scratch. This takes valuable time and introduces new risks for errors in these static workbooks.

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Manually Distributing Reports to Your Business Users Takes Too Much Time

Preparing report packs takes time, but it’s vital that users get the right reports and aren’t exposed to data they aren’t authorized to view. It takes a lot of time and effort to distribute the right reports to the appropriate individuals on time. You may want to distribute at different times depending on the property, but lack an easy, automated way to manage distributing these reports.

Unlock the Power of Yardi with Flexible Self-Service Reporting

Right-Time, Drillable Data Inside Excel

Start in Excel and stay in Excel without having to go back into Yardi to view transactions or investigate balances unless you want to. insightsoftware offers pre-built drilldowns for Yardi users to access data, all within Excel with Spreadsheet Server. Use your existing Excel knowledge to build comprehensive reports and dashboards using near-real-time data that refresh at the click of a button. Because your data are up- to- date in Spreadsheet Server, you can avoid issues like possible timeouts in Yardi, because you can stay in Excel without having to go into the source system.

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Get Easy Access to Mission Critical Reports

Using your existing Excel knowledge, you’ll be able to easily create and modify reports from your Yardi data that you can use every month simply by updating the period. With insightsoftware, you’ll be able to build refreshable reports for areas such as: straight line rent, corporate AR, vendor history, bank reconciliation, tenant sales, lease and square foot history, cash receipts, and others. Your reporting becomes much easier and more flexible, without having to seek support from a consultant, IT, or undergoing additional Yardi training.

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Watch this 30-minute on-demand webinar, ‘Easy and Automated Yardi Reporting” showcasing how Spreadsheet Server can transform your reporting. Mike Wiley, Solutions Engineer, will cover key reports that will solve challenges you face in Yardi such as:

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  • Endless data discrepancies
  • And building the same report over and over again

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"We’ve been able to create reports we never had before. Other departments needed reports in different formats, yet there was nothing that I couldn’t create in Spreadsheet Server. The Query Designer wizard tool was intuitive and easy to work with; I was able to get everything built fairly quickly."

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