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Optimize Finance for Trusted Results

Unlock financial agility with insightsoftware’s leading close and consolidation solutions. Reduce error-prone manual processes to boost efficiency. Seamlessly consolidate data with built-in automation for global and regional regulations. Deliver real-time, trusted insights across your business.

Close And Consolidation Capabilities


Drive Accuracy and Efficiency and Eliminate Error-Prone Processes

Streamline workflows and automate data collection for consistent and reliable results. Enable your team to make data-backed decisions and meet all compliance requirements.

Daniel Reil Consolidated accounting consultant, Bauer AG
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Switching from Excel packages to online data collection with IDL has paid off. For monthly reporting alone, we will now save two days worth of work when preparing report forms.

Andreas Göppinger Finance Project Manager
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With IDL, we can rely on the data quality in corporate management 24/7, around the globe and in all time zones.

André Ganzow Finance & Accounting Manager, EURONICS Deutschland eG
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Working with IDL is very efficient. We benefit from the in-depth specialist know-how of our IDL advisor.

Roles & Industries

Use Cases for Specialist Financial Close & Consolidation Software

Financial close and consolidation software empowers diverse roles across finance, group, and subsidiary functions in various industries to streamline financial processes.

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Financial Services

Financial firms are increasingly challenged in closing deals – currencies, structures, regulations shift constantly. M&A deals add more pressure. Close and consolidation software helps boost auditability, transparency, and confidence in reporting.

Ind Manu


Navigating global operations and complex regulations with vast data makes closing a challenge for manufacturers. Close and consolidation software automates and streamlines their financial close, delivering accurate data for informed decision-making.

Ind Health


Healthcare juggles costs, regulations, and evolving needs. Close and consolidation software helps them to spend more efficiently, streamline processes, and ensure data accuracy, leading to better performance and improved business intelligence.


A cloud-based solution can offer several benefits, such as lower upfront costs, faster implementation, scalability, security, accessibility, and automatic updates.

You can ensure the security of your financial data in the cloud by choosing a reputable vendor that follows industry best practices and standards for data encryption, backup, recovery, authentication, authorization, and monitoring.

Ensure the vendor you choose to work with offers seamless integration that can easily connect to your primary data sources, such as ERP systems, spreadsheets, databases, or cloud applications, and that they are able to extract, transform and load this data into their software platform.

Choose close and consolidation software that is designed to be owned and managed by the finance team. Look for software that enables you to easily adapt workflows and templates to support data collection, validation, consolidation, and reporting, without needing IT or specialist help. Check that you can easily modify rules and validations to ensure the consistency and quality of your data.