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Plan with Speed, Accuracy, and Agility

Simplify and automate your budgeting and planning activities to improve data quality and visibility. Easily scale your solution by adding more users, additional entities, and new planning areas. Streamline communication and collaboration to extend planning with integrated workflows, analytics, and dashboards.

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Learn How to Level up Your Budgeting & Planning Processes

Align your strategic business goals with integrated budgeting, planning, and forecasting. Empower your business with actionable insights to make data-driven decisions that shape a brighter future.

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Confidence in your organizational plans requires a budgeting & planning solution that enables continuous updates and revisions to financial forecasts using real-time data from various sources. Automate tasks, reduce manual effort, and enhance efficiency for frequent, continuous planning updates.

Modern budgeting and planning software can help businesses analyze multiple scenarios to anticipate future outcomes, identify risks and opportunities, and create contingency plans. With scenario planning, you will feel more confident in your decisions, successfully navigating economic and business changes.

Budgeting and planning software with robust performance and variance analysis empowers businesses to pinpoint discrepancies between actual results and targets. This allows for swift identification of root causes and corrective actions, ultimately driving informed decision-making and enhanced financial control.

Automated, integrated budgeting & planning software helps businesses overcome fragmented planning processes. Break down silos to create planning transparency through cross-functional collaboration and alignment with a centralized platform for sharing data, plans, and insights.

Powerful Solutions for Your Evolving Budgeting & Planning Needs

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less time

Tara Pounds Accounting Manager

What used to take months before Bizview, now takes a few weeks. This year, the CFO has given me the goal of completing the 2023 budget from start to finish in two weeks, where we did it in two to three months previously.

3 Days

Work Reduced to 3 Hours

Gustaf Roman Manager of Finance IT

If you want a flexible tool that is possible to scale, one that is easy to change and maintain yourself, then I would consider Bizview.

4 hours

saved per trial balance

Paul Sommerville Chief Financial Officer

The use of Calumo has revolutionised the way we develop our annual budget, now facilitating monthly financial reports for program managers to enable them to access the financial results they need. We have continuing plans to further develop these reports to also incorporate a range of non-financial data as well

Diverse Business Applications for Budgeting & Planning Software

Budgeting and planning software is a vital driver of business success, regardless of industry, empowering finance leaders with data and insight to propel their business ahead.

Role Cfo


Budgeting and planning software delivers greater accuracy, efficiency, visibility, and control of financial planning processes. It supports strategic decision-making, collaboration, compliance, and enhances the overall financial management capabilities of the CFO.

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Role Findir

FP&A Director

Budgeting and planning software helps FP&A directors by providing real-time insights into financial data. It enhances cross-functional collaboration, enables accurate forecasting, allows for scenario modeling, and facilitates strategic planning and goal setting.

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Financial Controller Graphic

Financial Controller

Budgeting and planning software allows controllers to monitor key financial metrics in real-time to support the organization’s financial health and goals. It helps controllers automate repetitive tasks, reduce manual errors, and ensure compliance with regulations.

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Business Professional Services

Professional Services

Professional service firms use budgeting and planning software to manage client billing, allocate resources, and assess project profitability. The software allows these firms to track billable hours, analyze revenue projects, and budget for operating expenses.

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Budgeting and planning software helps educational institutions allocate resources for academic programs, manage personnel expenses, and plan for capital investments. It enables schools and universities to analyze enrollment trends and forecast revenues.

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Ind Fin

Financial Services

Budgeting and planning software is widely used in the financial services industry to manage complex financial portfolios, track investments, and ensure regulatory compliance. It enables organizations to analyze financial data to optimize resource allocation.

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Within the public sector, budgeting and planning software is widely used to manage government spending and ensure transparency in financial operations. It helps government agencies analyze revenue projections and allocate resources to programs and services.

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In the healthcare industry, budgeting and planning software plays a crucial role in managing operational expenses, forecasting patient demand, and optimizing resource allocation in hospitals and healthcare facilities to help ensure financial stability.

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Within the manufacturing industry, budgeting and planning software is essential to streamline production processes, optimize inventory, and manage costs. It helps manufacturers plan for raw material procurement and forecast production volumes.

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Ind Nonprofit


Budgeting and planning software helps nonprofits track donations, analyze funding trends, and create budgets that align with their mission and strategic objectives. It enables nonprofits to improve financial transparency and demonstrate accountability.

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Ind Retail


Retailers utilize budgeting and planning software to manage their sales forecasting, inventory planning, and pricing strategies. This software enables retailers to analyze sales trends, forecast demand, improve inventory management, and optimize their budgets.

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Ind Oilenegry

Energy & Utilities

Energy and utility companies utilize budgeting and planning software to manage capital expenditure planning, forecast energy demand, and optimize maintenance activities. It helps these companies analyze revenue forecasts and plan for operational costs.

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Industry Technology

Information Technology

Budgeting and planning software is important for IT organizations to manage IT infrastructure investments, plan software development projects, and allocate resources effectively. It helps IT departments forecast IT costs and optimize technology investments.

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Budgeting and planning software is a technology solution that helps organizations create, manage, and analyze budgets and financial plans. It automates manual processes, provides advanced modeling capabilities, and enables collaboration and data-driven decision-making.

Budgeting and planning software streamlines processes, boosts accuracy, and offers real-time insights. Align budgets with strategy, foster collaboration, and gain a clear view of potential outcomes with robust scenario analysis.

Budgeting and planning software can integrate with various systems, such as ERP systems, data warehouses, and financial reporting tools. This integration allows for seamless data transfer, real-time updates, and leveraging existing data sources for budgeting and planning.

Yes, budgeting and planning software can accommodate different budgeting methodologies, such as top-down, bottom-up, zero-based budgeting, or driver-based budgeting. The software provides flexibility in defining budgeting structures, allocating resources, and incorporating different forecasting techniques to suit an organization’s specific budgeting approach.

Yes, budgeting and planning software is designed to be scalable and can be used by organizations of various sizes and industries. It can cater to different sectors’ specific needs and complexities, whether manufacturing, healthcare, retail, or nonprofit. It can handle the budgeting and planning requirements of small and large enterprises.