How effective is your financial planning process?

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Existing solutions lack flexibility

Existing solutions are not flexible enough, pre-built content is difficult to customize, so organizations struggle to standardize and integrate complex corporate planning processes across multiple divisions, product lines or departments from different legal entities.


Plans lack accuracy as complexity increases

Complex organizations have difficulty creating accurate plans in a diverse environment, which may include multiple source systems, differing reporting structures across group companies, and varying levels of detail across different departments. Modeling multiple scenarios to assess competing strategies is a non-starter.

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Manual processes take too long

Running budgeting and planning processes with static spreadsheets takes too long, introduces inaccuracies, and does not provide the flexibility to adapt to internal or external changes. Such time-consuming, manual processes consume valuable resources and leave little time for value-added analysis and commentary.

A Single Point of Truth for Group-Wide Financial Planning and Forecasting

IDL Forecast covers all your requirements for fast, accurate group-wide financial planning and forecasting by integrating planning and consolidation models to provide a single point of truth that underpins continuous planning throughout the year. This is why 81 percent of consolidation customers also use IDL software for their financial planning.

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Accurate and Effective Financial Planning and Forecasting

Create effective, accurate group-wide financial plans and forecasts

Support financial planning processes across the different companies within your group. Create integrated financial plans spanning profit and loss, balance sheets, and cash flow statements with the ability to enter budget and forecast values in forms, automate data transfer, work with multiple budget versions, and run multiple planning scenarios.

Customize or extend financial planning models to meet your business needs

Use or easily configure the predefined business rules to efficiently set up a financial budget that covers profit and loss, balance sheet, and cash flow. Speed up the design of individual planning models by work with a library of financial rules guided by a rules wizard and pre-built templates.

Reduce manual effort required to manage your financial planning processes

Speed up your planning process by using the integrated workflow management tool to automate steps wherever possible and to manage the data entry and approvals process. Manage your planning process with ease by tracking the current planning status at any time using a visual planning monitor, while the system continually checks the planning logic and keeps you informed about open tasks.

Work with a single version of truth for accurate group financial data

The IDL platform offers a complete financial performance management solution, in which close and consolidation are integrated with financial budgeting, operational planning, disclosure management, and financial reporting and analytics. Automatically process data from multiple source systems with SAP ECC- and S/4 HANA-certified integration and smart connectivity to other ERP systems, including Microsoft Dynamics and DATEV. With all your processes working together from a single point of truth, you have accurate data to underpin consistent, group-wide decisions and to streamline your financial processes.


Financial Planning

Create integrated financial plans that span all companies within your group

  • Cover all requirements for fast, effective financial planning
  • Roll up departmental and company level plans into a consolidated group plan
  • Access granular and consolidated actuals data from IDL Konsis for reporting and to seed planning models
  • Integrate operational planning data from IDL Designer into financial plans to increase accuracy
  • Check planning logic continuously to ensure data integrity and accuracy
  • Support multiple budget versions and multiple planning scenarios
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Customizable and Extensible

Customize the predefined business rules to tailor your financial budgets to your business needs

  • Enhance your planning process by designing custom planning models
  • Customize steps in workflow and approval process to fit your business processes
  • Track progress using a planning monitor, which provides a clear overview of your process
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Integrated Workflow Support

Use integrated workflow management tools to automate your process

  • Process even the smallest details in rules and scenarios with ease
  • Automate steps, when appropriate, with the integrated workflow tool for a better, more streamlined process
  • Scale to manage planning steps even in scenarios with hundreds of companies
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Library of Financial Rules

Utilize the rules wizard and templates to create easier, quicker financial planning

  • Conduct financial planning based on an integrated business model for P&L, balance sheets, and cash flow statements
  • Enter budget and forecast values in forms to run various planning scenarios
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Work with the #1 Reporting Vendor for ERPs and EPMs

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With the IDL solution, we can create plans, forecasts and simulations very efficiently and with an extremely high level of detail.

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