Take Control of Your Sage Reporting Process

Sage Drilldown

Dig Into the Detail

When you need a faster way to drill from balances to transactional detail to validate a journal entry or investigate a reconciliation issue.

Sage Information Your Way

Present Information Your Way

When you need to go beyond the capabilities of the standard reports and present your data the way your organization needs to see them.

Sage Automate Manual Reporting

Automate Manual Reporting Processes

When you need to eliminate time-consuming data dumps from Sage Business Intelligence into Excel and to put an end to copying, pasting, and reformatting these data to get them into the reporting structure you need.

Simplify and Accelerate Your
Sage Financial Reporting and Analysis

Flexible Sage Reporting in Excel

Whether you are using Sage 100 ERP (formerly Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200), Sage 200 Evolution, Sage 300, or Sage 500, you can simplify and speed-up your reporting by creating a live connection to your data from inside Excel. It’s easy for finance teams to create their own reports in Excel, without requiring technical knowledge of the Sage database. Report across your GL, sub-ledgers, or pull in data from other sources to get the big picture.

Flexible Sage Reporting

Get Fast Answers to Questions

Use real-time access to your Sage data and the ability to drill down in Excel from balances to journal entries and sub-ledger transactions for an account group. It is quick and easy to get answers to time- critical questions and to resolve reconciliation and data integrity issues. With access to document images, you can, for example, pull up a PDF of an invoice without needing to leave Excel. This creates a seamless, natural environment to drive effective decisions.

Get Fast Answers To Questions Sage

Compress Sage Reporting Cycles

Create new reports in minutes and then run them at any time. No need to reinvent the wheel. For extra flexibility, add parameters to reports for time periods, account segments, etc., so you can refresh with exactly the view of data that you need. Leverage the security built in to your Sage system to ensure business users only access data they are meant to see.

Compress Sage Reporting

Built for Sage

  • Sage 100
  • Sage 100 Contractor
  • Sage 200
  • Sage 300
  • Sage 300 CRE (Timberline)
  • Sage 500
  • Sage 50cloud Accounting
  • Sage AccPac
  • Sage Adonix Tolas
  • Sage Estimating
  • Sage MAS
  • Sage X3

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Faster, Easier Sage Reporting Today

Are you still exporting data manually from your Sage ERP into Excel? Do you spend too much time manipulating the data instead of time analyzing your reports? Still spending endless hours at month end trying to track down mismatched journal entries, transaction errors, and other discrepancies?

What if you could access live data in your Excel reports, with full drill-down capability?

Join us for a 45-minute Sage Group Demo to see how to:

  • Create real time reports with your Sage data in a few simple clicks
  • Easily drill from balances to transaction detail
  • Leverage the familiarity of Excel for self-service reporting without IT

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