IT Has Bigger Priorities than Tweaking Reports

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Custom Reports Are Too Hard for Users to Access on Their Own

Without the proper self-service reporting tools in place, IT wastes a considerable amount of time responding to the constant demands for data, which distracts from their higher priorities.

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ERP And EPM Databases are Not Designed for Reporting

ERP systems are built for collecting and storing data, not for delivering that data in an easily consumable, meaningful format. It takes a highly technical, specialized, and dedicated resource for that.

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Business Intelligence Project Implementations are a Huge Investment

The average implementation time for a standard BI project is 17 months. In that amount of time, a business could experience turnover and a complete shift in strategy, rendering all the work useless.

Empower Business Users in Your Organization with Easy-To-Use Reporting and Analytics

Valuable, Actionable Insight at Their Fingertips

With insightsoftware’s portfolio of flexible reporting, analytics, and budgeting software, you can give executives the ability to create and view KPI dashboards, provide the finance team with the tools they need to create and share financial reports, and give sales teams the power to forecast sales and customer trends.

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Unburden Your Technical Resources

When you’re the only team with the skills and technical expertise to build and customize reports, the list of priorities and to-do’s can be overwhelming. Our solutions are designed to empower business users to create their own reports and ad hoc inquiries from your ERP while still maintaining security, audit requirements, and control.

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Operate More Efficiently

We designed our reporting and business intelligence solutions to deliver easy, accelerated time-to-value in a few days, with little to no IT involvement. By streamlining and automating reporting processes for every major ERP/EPM, you can cut reporting cycle time, improve report accuracy, and reallocate your IT team to more critical areas of the business.

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Build Bi Faster

Build BI Faster, Cheaper and Better

The industry average for a BI implementation is 17 months. That’s too long. IT and business users can work together on a shared vision about data and have a complete BI solution in hours.

In this white paper, learn how data warehouse automation can:
• Eliminate human error
• Reduce testing time
• Cut out re-works
• And more…

Work with the #1 Financial Reporting and Business Intelligence Vendor for ERPs and EPMs

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“We don’t have to create a new report from scratch anymore. I can just go into the system and handpick the information I need, without having to create a connection or query and match up the data.”

Eric Dunsmuir Database Administrator at Component Hardware Group View Customer Story

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