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Database Administrator Fills in the Information Gap with Fast Reporting from Jet Global

Component Hardware uses Jet Reports to simplify report creation, streamline business processes, and make timely, profitable decisions


Component Hardware Group is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of premium plumbing and specialty hardware. Before implementing Dynamics NAV, reporting was done through queries in the system and connecting tables using Microsoft Access. An arduous process, Database Administrator, Eric Dunsmuir, remembers how manual and time-consuming it was to create a usable report. Depending on the complexity of the report and the number of calculations required, it would sometimes take upwards of a week to build a report that met the requirements of Component Hardware’s management team.


The decision to use Jet Reports for reporting and analytics was an easy one, once the migration to Dynamics NAV had started. The Jet Global support team held training sessions for multiple levels of users to streamline adoption, in which they could play with the data and build reports in the test environment before going live. For Eric, one of the company’s main report designers, moving to Jet Reports saved him a lot of time and energy. According to Eric, the most amount of time he’s ever spent on creating a complex report is a few hours – and that’s rare. It usually takes him a few minutes to create a report, and now he’s able to look up information and grab data quickly using Jet Reports flexible functionality.

“We don’t have to create a new report from scratch anymore. I can just go into the system and handpick the information I need, without having to create a connection or query and match up the data.”

Eric Dunsmuir Database Administrator

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