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How to Close the Knowledge Gaps on Your Finance Team

The most urgent obstacle facing many finance teams comes from an unexpected source: talent. Expectations around finance are changing fast, prioritizing new skills like data analytics over strict accounting acumen. At the same time, only 2.2 percent of accountants are...

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Is Oracle Cloud the Right Option for Your EPM Reporting?

Companies are moving application workloads to the cloud at an unprecedented rate. Some of this, of course, is due to the fact that cloud-powered applications can run faster and cheaper than their on-premise predecessors. In fact, according to LogicMonitor, 83 percent...

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The Hidden Power of Simple Visualizations

Anyone who spends their days staring at spreadsheets understands the appeal of visualizations. Information presented in its most basic form, solely as facts and figures, is often dull to the point that it blurs together. An endless sea of identical information causes...

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How to Optimize Your Oracle EBS Reporting in 2019

Most companies understand that data is the fuel of their future success. Today's technologies allow executives to condense vast amounts of data into actionable insights that lead to improved decision-making and bold, strategic thinking. Considering how much emphasis...

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