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Are Your Finance Processes Slow to Adapt to Changing Regulations and Market Competition?

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Inflexible Legacy Systems

Time and accuracy are critical to staying competitive in your market. But you’re unable to adapt due to outdated legacy systems that are cumbersome, expensive and difficult to modify.

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Heavy Regulatory Burdens

Modern finance teams in industries like insurance, banking and telecommunications are under pressure to stay agile. You need to deliver granular accounting that can be reviewed by auditors in a transparent way.

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You rely on IT to access the data you need, so IT usually defines the “rules.” That process can take time, exposing you to unnecessary risks and audits. Your finance team should define and manage accounting rules within a low-code, user-friendly environment.

Inject Agility into Your Financial Processes

FastPost addresses regulatory challenges and limitations of legacy platforms. It enables you to capture financial information associated with any transaction, classify it according to your accounting rules, and record it in a robust, auditable financial sub-ledger. Then post to your general ledger and export the data for reporting in external tools.

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Deliver Digital Transformation with Financial Control

FastPost’s library of pre-configured taxonomies streamlines data integration to support the rapid adoption of new regulations and accounting standards.

Achieve IFRS 17 Compliance with an Out-of-the-box Configuration

FastPost addresses IFRS 17 regulatory challenges by enabling you to capture the financial information associated with any transaction and classifying it according to your accounting rules.

Become the Go-to Network Provider

FastPost helps you manage IFRS 15 complexity – automate revenue recognition data flow with the ability to quickly create and implement custom accounting rules and map them to business events and customers.

Changing Financial Control for Good

FastPost provides the audit and control framework to enable you to create the link between climate accounting and financial accounting, allowing for transparent reporting, so you can comply with emerging regulations.

Break Free of Inflexible Systems

FastPost’s integrations extend the life of legacy and vendor systems that are difficult to modify. Handle all types of finance events, including the most complex trades and contracts, or customer and organization structures.

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Create a Single Source of Truth

FastPost’s comprehensive library of pre-configured models and taxonomies streamlines data integration to support rapid adoption of new regulations. Manage data flow from transactions to debit/credit creation within a robust sub-ledger.

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You Make the Rules

Enable finance users to make accounting rules quickly using a no-code, Excel-familiar expression language. You can take the burden off IT while using an IT-approved environment to improve efficiency, shrink lead times, and reduce costs.

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Achieve Granular Control Over Data

The FastPost sub-ledger delivers granular, transaction-based accounting daily and in real-time for multi-GAAP, multi-entity, multi-currency, and multi-time zone processing. With highly flexible segment definition, you can unlock important business value with rapid, on-demand reporting.

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Implement Agile Accounting Logic

With the demands of multiple stakeholders and clients, the pace of innovation and the impact of regulatory change, finance today is more than just accounting. With FastPost, gain full control by defining your own rules to account for business events and transactions across all products, services and channels, however complex, in a fully transparent, auditable, and non-disruptive way.

  • Break free of inflexible legacy systems
  • Create a single source of truth for accounting logic
  • Reduce IT dependency to implement accounting rules
  • Get granular-level control over your data
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With our ambitious growth plans, and commitment to digital leadership through embracing new technology, we found the ideal partner in [FastPost].

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